Know who should not eat Barley

Barley grains or seeds are the one of the healthiest food available. Barley or jau helps to improve overall health. It cures anemia, urinary troubles, diabetes, the liver and splenic diseases. In Ayurveda, it is indicated in the treatment of various diseases. Barley has an antioxidant anti-diabetic, diuretic and antiurolithiatic activities.

The oral intake of barley in various forms is safe for most people. But there are certain conditions in which one should not eat this healthy food.

Barley or jau has abortifacient activities when eaten as sprouts. Abortifacient are substances that causes abortion or miscarriage of fetus. So it is better to avoid oral intake of barley sprouts or its shoot during pregnancy.

  • The oral intake of barley should be avoided in breastfeeding mothers as it has antigalactagogue activity. Antigalactagogue are foods or drug that decreases production of breast milk.
  • Barley has property to lower blood sugar levels. So if a person suffers from low sugar level or going for some surgery he/she restrict its oral intake.

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