Homemade skin scrub

Skin scrubs are used to exfoliation. Exfoliation is process of removing dead skin cells with help of granules of solid material from natural origin. This is a mechanical process in which scrub is massaged or rubbed to remove superficial skin. This process removes dead skin and shows healthy, smooth and fresh skin.

For preparing homemade scrub a medium is used to add solid coarse powder or granules in which oil and honey is added. This mixture is gently massaged on skin.
Exfoliating or scrubbing agent used in preparation of homemade scrubs is almonds powder, rice powder, orange peel powder, sugar, apricot shell powder.

Recipe of homemade skin scrub

  • Take sugar (2 tbsp) and salt (1 tbsp) in olive oil. Use this for scrubbing facial skin or other body parts such as hands, feet, etc.
  • Take sugar in lemon juice and scrub skin till sugar melts completely.
  • Grind rice to make coarse water. Mix this powder, honey in curd and scrub.
  • Mix sugar (1 tbsp), sandal powder (1 tbsp) and almond oil (few drops) and scrub till sugar melts.
  • Mix sandal powder (2 tbsp), strawberries with milk cream and scrub. This is good for sensitive skin.
  • Mix besan (1 tbsp), choker (2 tbsp), turmeric (pinch) and lemon juice. Apply on the face till this pack dries off. Then wash off with water.
  • Mix oats (1 tbsp), coarse almonds powder, honey (few drops) in curd. Use this to scrub facial skin.
  • Mix Kaoline powder (1 tbsp), orange peel powder (1/2 tbsp) in olive oil. Scrub with this and wash with plain water.

How to do scrubbing

Apply scrub on the face and massage or rub in circular direction for 30-60 seconds. Massage gently and then wash off with plain water.
You can scrub your skin twice or thrice a weak only.

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