Home remedy for curing fever with giloy herb

Detailed information of Giloy(Guduchi) health benefits, medicinal properties and homemade decoction for curing all kind of fever.

Most of the fevers can be treated with Giloy, It is a herbal plant with many medicinal properties which increases our body immunity to fight with any external infection. It can also use in the cure of dengue and swine flu. Giloy acts as an immunity booster. You can use this remedy with regular medicines also in any kind of fever. This can be made easily at home.

Giloy juice Medicinal uses

Common names of Giloy

Botanical Name: Tinospora Cordifolia, English Name: Gulancha Tinospora, Sanskrit name: Guduchi, Giloy, Amrita.

Ingredients of Giloy Decoction

The main herb for this remedy is Giloy and Basil (Tulasi), which you can find very easily. Giloy leaves are heart-shaped and bark is creamy gray colored. You can see Giloy growing on trees. Tulasi is a very common herb in India and it can be found in almost every house.

Method for making the giloy decoction

  • Take approximately one foot long Giloy or Amrita  Stem and 8-10 leaves of  Tulsi (basil)
  • Cut the stem of Giloy in small pieces and along with tulsi leaves grind it to make the paste.
  • Add this mixture to 1-liter water and put it on the stove at low flame. Cook it till mixture reduces to 250 ml.
  • Once it reduces to 250 ml remove the pan from flame and strain out remaining liquid.
  • Take this decoction three times a day.

After a long duration of illness people are getting a fever very frequently, in that case, this is very effective.

Note: Always consult your physician and use this remedy along with your prescribed medicines. as this has no side effect.

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