Home remedies for piles

Piles are conditions of swollen and inflamed veins in anal region. Anyone can be affected by this condition. There are various reasons that contribute to this condition such as chronic constipation, low fiber diet, less fluid intake, lack of exercise, obesity, abdominal pressure and gas.

It is very important to pay attention to diet as this condition is directly related to problem in digestive system.  Foods that cause constipation, gas aggravate this condition.  So this disease not only demands treatment but also life style changes.
Piles also known as Bawasir, Arsh( In hindi), Fistula in Ano (bhagandar), Hemorrhoids.

Here are few remedies that give relief in piles and fistula as told by Swami Ramdev ji.

  • Take fresh cold milk (150 ml). Squeeze a lemon in this milk and drink immediately. Do this for a week.
  • Take a banana. Now put desi kapur (size of small pea) in it and eat.
  • Take Naagdon leaves (3) and chew twice a day.
  • Take Bakayan giri (100 gm), nimoli or neem fruit (100 gm), Haritaki (100 gm), Rasut (100 gm if available). Grind all to make powder. Take this powder (1 -2 gm) twice a day with buttermilk.
  • Regularly drink buttermilk, amla aloe vera juice.
  • Apply coconut oil on the affected areas. 

Following is diet tips for preventing and managing Hemorrhoids:

What to eat: Green vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, fiber rich diet, drink at least eight glass of water, aloe vera juice, Easily digestible foods, food items that improves and stimulate digestive power, low salt intake to avoid fluid retention in the body

What not to eat?

Pizzas,  cheese, maida, brinjal, deep fried foods, high calorie foods, Garam masala, fast food, chillies, pickles, food items that causes gas troubles and heavy to digest.


  1. I had no relief in non bleeding piles,although I had drink a cup of milk along with lemon for a week

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