Himalaya V-Gel For Vaginitis and Cervicitis

Vaginitis and Cervicitis can be treated with Ayurvedic medicine without any side effects. Himalaya V-Gel is very good Ayurvedic medicine to treat Vaginitis and Cervicitis. Know how to use this medicine?

Himalaya V-Gel is a proprietary Ayurvedic herbal medicine from Himalaya Drug Company. V-Gel is a vaginal gel used externally for vaginitis and cervicitis. Application of V-Gel for 15 days, helps to gives relief in soreness, pruritus, inflammation of vulva and vaginal discharge caused due to microbial infection by candida, trichomonas and other non-specific bacteria.

Vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina)

Vaginitis is inflammation of the vagina caused by bacterial, fungal or yeast infection. The other factors responsible for vaginitis include sexually transmitted diseases, allergic reactions, and irritations (use of spermicides, vaginal hygiene products, detergents, and fabric softeners).

The symptoms of vaginitis include vaginal discharge, odor, itching, and /or discomfort.

Cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix)

Cervicitis is inflammation of the cervix. It is caused by bacterial infections caused by infection during sexual activity, allergic reactions, and irritations (use of spermicides, vaginal hygiene products, detergents, allergy to latex in condoms, chemicals, and fabric softeners).

Symptoms of vaginitis and cervicitis include

  • Pain, itching, burning sensation and irritation
  • Leucorrhoea (excessive vaginal discharge)
  • Heaviness in pelvis
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Here is given more about V-Gel medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

Ingredients of Himalaya V-Gel

  • Triphala 4.0mg
  • Satapatri (Rosa Damascena Syn. R.Centifolia) 3.6mg
  • Ela ( Elettaria Cardamomum) 3.6mg
  • Punarnava (Boerhaavia Diffusa) 3.6mg
  • Shaileyam (Parmelia Perlata) 2.0mg
  • Nirgundi ( Vitex Negundo) 1.6mg
  • Haridra ( Curcuma Longa) 1.6mg

Triphala, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which helps to soothe irritation and treat bacterial infection of vagina.

Rose/Gulab, has antibacterial property that helps to treat female reproductive tract infections.

Cardamom (eEla) has analgesic properties that alleviate pain associated with vaginitis, cervicitis and leukorrhea.

Haldi has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal activity.

Nirgundi leaves have antibacterial properties effective against E. coli and are commonly used in excessive vaginal discharge.

Benefits of V-Gel

  • It is a herbal medicine.
  • It has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • It effectively combat the organisms responsible for vaginitis (inflammation and infection of the vagina or vulva) and cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix).
  • It gives relief in inflammation, itching, burning and vaginal discharge.
  • It has demulcent action which soothes the inflamed vagina and cervix.
  • It fastens the healing process.
  • It has no side-effect.

Uses of Himalaya V-Gel

  • V-Gel is applied to get relief from soreness of vulva, itching, inflammation and vaginal discharge.
  • Vaginitis
  • Nonspecific bacterial vaginitis
  • Vaginal candidiasis (fungal yeast infection)
  • Vaginal trichomoniasis (parasitic vaginal infection)
  • Cervicitis
  • Prevention of post-operative vaginal infections
  • Leucorrhea (thick and white/yellow vaginal discharge)
  • Inflamed vulva, vagina and cervix

How to use?

This cream is for external use only. Apply V-Gel locally twice daily (in morning and before going to bed) for two weeks.

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