Herbal treatment of Dengue

There is no treatment of dengue in modern medicine. It only treats symptoms and only provides support. In dengue there is rapid decrease of platelet. Yog guru Swami Ramdev recommends ayurvedic herbs to treat dengue which help to reduce fever and maintaining platelets. These are really effective and without any side effects.

Here is home treatment of dengue with aloe vera, papaya leaves and giloy.

  • Drink aloe vera juice 25 -50 ml. 
  • Take papaya leaves. Wash to remove dirt. Then grind in mortar and pestle to extract its juice.  Take this juice twice a day empty stomach. 
  • Take giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia). It can be taken in the form of Giloy Ghan Vati or Giloy Kwath to reduce fever.
  • Giloy Kadha can be prepared at home. This not only reduces fever but also helps in maintaining platelets.  Take giloy stem of thickness of thumb and a foot length. Cut in small pieces and grind in grinder. Then cook this in one liter water. Add 7 leaves of Shyma Tulsi (Black Basil) and few black pepper (Kali Mirch). Cook at low flame till volume reduces to one fourth. Then filter this decoction. Divide this decoction in three parts and take thrice a day.
  • Take Patanjali Jwarnashak Kwath and Jwarnashal Vati.
    It is important to check platelet level at regular interval. Also keep taking fresh fruits and fresh fruit juices.

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