Health: Home remedies with Asafoetida(Hing)

Asafoetida (Hing) is made from juice of a plant. Hing has very strong odor and taste. This has lot of health beneficial properties and very important spice in Indian vegetarian culinary. Here are some home remedies of hing.

Ear pain relief:

If you are feeling pain in ear due to cold or cough then heat pinch of hing in 1 spoon mustard oil. Let it cool down to luke warm and filter. Put 2-2 drop into ear. This will give you relief from ear pain.

Acidity relief:

For kids acidity problem hing is very useful. Mix 1-2 pinch hind in 1 tps water and apply this paste around naval. This will do magic in small children’s acidity problem.

For adults acidity problem, take 1gm roasted hind with carom seeds and black salt with warm water. It will stop acidity.

Chocked Nose:

If you nose is chocked with cough. Dissolve hind in water (1-2 spoon) and smell it for 1-2 minutes. It will release dried cough.

Menses Pain:

If you feel pain in periods then take 1/2 gm roasted hing in morning with water for 3 days since first day of your period. It will give you relief from menses pain.

Cracked Heals:

If your heals are cracked then apply hing with neem oil. This will provide you relife from cracked heals.

Stomach Problem:

Use daily hind in your diet with daal, soups. It will improve your digestion.

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