Health: Home remedies for dark circles

Dark circles under eyes are due to stress, lack of sleep and deficiencies.  It is important to take at least 8 hrs of good sound sleep to relax whole body and refresh it and prevent dark circles to happen. 

Stress which has become integral part of day to day life can also be minimized by indulging in yoga, walking or doing recreational activities.  Here are listed some easy home remedies to cure dark circles under eyes.

– Massage gently under eyes olive oil or vitamin E oil or badam rogan. This improves blood circulation and reduces dark circles.

– Make paste of potato and apply.

– Apply paste of mint leaves.

– Anti aging creams application also reduces dark circles.

– Mix tomato, lemon juice and haldi(Turmeric)  apply for 15 mins and wash off.

– Take balanced diet, leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits  in daily diet. Drink plenty of water. Use lesser salt in food.

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