Health: Home remedies for cosmetic allergy

Cosmetic products  are applied on skin to enhance beauty but as they are full of chemicals sometimes skin become allergic to them. Allergic reaction appear in form of redness, rashes or  itching.

This not only cause discomfort but skin appearance also become bad.  To cure it and provide soothing effect to skin here are some home remedies.

– Take 1tbs sandal wood powder and few drops of lemon juice make a paste and apply on skin.

– Make paste of papaya seeds and apply on skin.

– Take 5 gm mint leaves make paste in water and add sugar apply on skin.

– Mix lemon juice and coconut oil apply on skin.

– Make paste of khaskhas , lemon juice with water and apply on skin.

– Take a balanced diet full with vegetables and seasonal fruits and not to forget drink 8-10 glass of water to prevent cosmetic allergy.

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