Gandharvahasthadi Thailam Benefits and Uses Details

Know how to treat Vata disorders, bloating, rheumatic-nervous diseases, body aches using Gandharvahasthadi Thailam. This is excellent Ayurvedic medicine made from natural herbal ingredients. Learn how to use, dosage and side effects of Gandharvahasthadi Thailam.

Gandharvahasthadi Eranda Thailam is a polyherbal Ayurvedic medicated oil. The base oil for this medicine is castor oil. It has purgative properties, and gives relief in constipation. It has laxative, carminative, appetizer, anti-flatulent properties. Gandharvahasthadi Eranda Thailam contains 8 drugs, and most of the properties of these drugs is opposite to that of Vata. It is indicated in the treatment of Vata disorders, bloating, rheumatic-nervous diseases, body aches, and abdominal diseases.

The chief ingredient of this medicine is castor. Castor or eranda which effectively alleviates Vatadosha.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

Ingredients of Gandharvahasthadi Thailam

  1. Gandharvahasta mula (Eranda) (Rt.) 4.800 kg
  2. Yava Barley (Sd.) 3.072 kg
  3. Nagara (shunthi) (Rz.) 96 g
  4. Water for decoction 24.576 l reduced to 6.144 l
  5. Kshira (Godugdha) 1.536 l
  6. Eranda taila (Ol.) 768 g
  7. Gandharvahasta mula (Eranda) (Rt.) 192 g
  8. shunthi (Rz.) 48 g

Key ingredients

Gandharvahasta or Castorhas anti-inflammatory, purgative, and analgesic properties. Acharya Charaka described it under Vedanasthapana/ pain relieving group. The roots of the plant are also useful as an ingredient of various prescriptions for nervous diseases, and rheumatic complaints. The decoction of roots of the plant with Yava is given to treat lumbago, rheumatism, and sciatica.

Castor oil is obtained from the seeds. It is a very effective medicine to treat constipation due to its purgative action.

Dry ginger powderhas pain releiving, and Antiinflammatory properties. It stimulates nerves, and improves impulse transmission. It promotes digestion, and circulation. It is warming, and excellent for Vata. It balances Vata dosha.

Important Therapeutic Uses of Gandharvahasthadi Thailam

  1. As a purgative
  2. Vidradhi (Abscess)
  3. Pliha (Splenic disease)
  4. Gulma (Abdominal lump)
  5. Udavarta (Condition in which threre is upward movement of vayu)
  6. shopha (Oedema)
  7. Udara (Diseases of abdomen/ enlargement of abdomen)
  8. Mahavata Roga (Major neurological disorder)
  9. Pain in waist
  10. Backache

The Dosage of Gandharvahasthadi Thailam

5 ml-10 ml diluted with 40 ml of warm water once or twice a day or take as directed by a physician.

Please note, the doses of Ayurvedic medicines are not fixed. The exact dose depends on the age, strength, digestive power of the patient, the nature of the illness, the state of the viscera, and humours, and the properties of individual drugs.

You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores.

This medicine is manufactured by AVP (Gandharvahastadi ErandaTailam), Nagarjuna (Gandharvahasthaadi Thailam), Kerala Ayurveda (Gandharvahasthadi Castor Thailam), and many other Ayurvedic pharmacies.

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  1. I take 10 ml of it in the morning. Does it interfere with absorption of food and other medicines? I take allopathic tablet in the afternoon. Will its absorption be affected with gandharvahastha eranda thailam intake in the morning? Please advise.

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