Chitrakadi Taila Medicinal Uses Details

Know the ingredients and uses of Chitrakadi Taila. Know the problems in which this is effective. Learn how to use this medicated oil. It helps in preventing and reducing the Fistula-in-ano (bhagandar).

Chitrakadi Taila is a polyherbal Ayurvedic medicated oil referenced from Sushruta Samhita, Bhagandara Chikitsa. This oil is external use only, and indicated in Fistula-in-ano. Anorectal fistula (Fistula-in-Ano) is known as Bhagandar in Hindi.

Fistula-in-Ano is medical term for an infected tunnel that develops between the skin, and the anus. Most anal fistulas are the result of an infection that starts in an anal gland. This infection results in an abscess that drains spontaneously or is drained surgically through the skin next to the anus.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and how to use.

Ingredients of Chitrakadi Taila

  1. Chitraka (Rt.) 16 g
  2. Arka mula (Rt.) 16 g
  3. Trivrit (Rt.) 16 g
  4. Path (Rt./Pl.) 16 g
  5. Malapu (Phalgu) (Rt. Bk.) 16 g
  6. Hayamaraka (Karavira) (Rt. Bk.) 16 g
  7. Sudha (Snuhi) – mula (Rt.) 16 g
  8. Vaca (Rz.) 16 g
  9. Lamgalaki (Lamgali) (Rt./Rz.) 16 g
  10. Saptaparna (St. Bk.) 16 g
  11. Suvarcika (Svarjika kshara) 16 g
  12. Jyotishmati (Sd.) 16 g
  13. Taila ( Tila) (Ol.) 768 g
  14. Water 3.072 l

Important Therapeutic Uses of Chitrakadi Taila

Bhagandara (Fistula-in-ano)

How to use Chitrakadi Taila

  1. It should applied externally on the affected body area.
  2. This oil is for external use only.
  3. It must not be taken internally.

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