Gandharvahastadi kashayam Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage

Gandharvahastadi kashayam/kwatham/kvath is poly-herbal Ayurvedic medicine. The principle ingredient of this decoction is castor. This medicine is useful in the treatment of diseases due to derangement of vata dosha in the body.

Ingredients of Gandharvahastadi kashayam

Gandharvahasta Ricinus communis, Chirabilwa Holoptelea Integrifolia(Roxb), Hutasa Plumbago Zeylanica(Linn), Pathya Terminalia Chebula(Linn), Vishva Zingiber Officianale(Linn), Punarnava Boerhavia Diffusa(Linn), Yavashaka Fagonia Arabica(Linn), Bhoomitala Asparagus Adscendens(Roxb)

Prakshepaka dravya: Saindava lavana Rock Salt, Guda Jaggery

Uses of Gandharvahastadi Kashayam

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Abdominal Gas, Pain
  • Constipation
  • Anorexia
  • Low back pain, Sciatica, Amavata and such other Vata roga

The Dosage of Gandharvahastadi kashayam

15 ml kashayam with 45 ml lukewarm water twice a day or as directed by a physician.

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