Diabetes Symptoms & Natural Cure

Diabetes is disease which occur when pancreas does not produces insulin or cells of the body cannot use insulin. Without insulin use cells of organ such as heart, brain, nervous system, tissues does not take glucose present in blood so even having high sugar cells remain deprived of glucose and not perform effectively. Diabetes is called to be mother of diseases. It affects every organ and so it is important to understand the symptoms and control it as soon as possible and avoid any complication.

Types of diabetes

Type (Juvenile-Onset Diabetes Or Insulin Dependent Diabetes)

It is autoimmune disease meaning when body attacks its own tissues such as pancreas and beta cells do not produce insulin so patient require daily injections. It is more common in kids and young. Also known as Type 1 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes (Adult-onset diabetes or noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM))

In this type of diabetes cells of the body become insulin resistant. It mainly occur in adults with age 45 or older who are obese, have high blood pressure, abnormal blood lipids, lack of exercise and could be genetically inherited.

Gestational Diabetes

It occur during pregnancy due to pregnancy related hormones or decreased insulin. Normally it disappears after pregnancy but women with it are at higher risk of developing it later in life.

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Symptoms of diabetes

  • There are various symptoms that warns about being diabetic. The need is to take notice of them and get checked for blood sugar.
  • Increased thirst and frequent urination: As blood sugar shoots up so in order to remove it frequency of urination increases and that result in increase thirst.
  • Excessive hunger: Although sugar is high in blood but due to absence or less insulin it cannot be used by cells. The result is weakness, fatigue and weight loss.
  • Infection : bacteria thrive on sugar so having high sugar give them good environment to propagate.
  • Less sensitivity to pain, temperature: Increased sugar injures the wall of blood vessel that nourishes nerves. Nerves are messenger to brain. So damage to them result in lesser sensitivity.
  • Numbness, tingling in  legs: As arteries get contracted this result in poor blood circulation.

Home remedies for diabetes

There are certain remedies that helps in controlling blood sugar level and are easy to use also along with medication.

  • Take cucumber, bitter gourd and tomato one each, 7 white sadabahar flowers(Catharanthus) and 7 neem leaves(Azadirachta indica) make juice and drink daily empty stomach in morning.
  • Soak 2 gms of methi daana(Fenugreek seeds) in water, in morning chew seeds and drink water.
  • Make powder of jamun guthli (jamun seeds or Syzygium Cumini seeds) and take 2 gm twice a day.
  • Dry karela (bitter gourd) in shade and make powder and take 2gm daily twice a day.
  • Make powder by mixing methi daana,karela, neem leaves, jamun seeds, kalmegh(Andrographis paniculata) and dry giloy take 2 gm of this powder daily.
  • Yog guru Ramdev also suggest dalia according to him if it is eaten for 21 days regularly insulin will be regulated without any doubt.
  • Take 500 gm wheat,500 gm bajra, 500 gm rice, 500 gm moong sabut ,warm all in a thick base pan and add 50 gm white til(white sesame seed) and 20 gm ajwain , and mix all and make dalia
  • From thus formed dalia take 50 gm and cook in 400 gm of water and add dhania, ginger and chili as tadka to make tasty.

Lifestyle and Diet for Managing diabetes

  • For controlling diabetes it is necessary to maintain stress free life, healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Eat healthy diet include green vegetable, salads and fruits.
  • Drink water empty stomach in morning.
  • Decrease portion size and take meal at the same time each day and do not skip meal.
  • Take less fat and calories.
  • Do not eat rice, banana, pomegranate, anjeer, cheeku, apples, sugar, misri and potatoes.
  • Do not smoke and consume tobacco.
  • Monitor blood sugar by measuring it to know how control it is. Blood sugar should be 80-120 mg/dl before breakfast and 100-140 mg/dl at bedtime.
  • Make a regime of regular exercise as walking, yoga, etc.
  • If obese try to shed excess weight. Make sure kids do regular exercise and not take junk foods such as burgers, cold drinks.

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