Bala Tel (oil) for curing many diseases

Bala taila is an Ayurvedic medicine made of sesame oil, bala root and many more herbal ingredients. This medicine is very old, 100% natural can be used orally and externally.

Bala tel is used to treat cough, cold, fever, vomiting, bloating, wound, emaciation, spleen diseases, epilepsy, asthma, etc.naturally.

In the case of cough, cold, fever, vomiting once can take 3-6 ml bala tel with warm water or warm milk. Do not eat cold food immediately after taking this medicine. This medicine can be used under consultation of some Ayurvedic doctor for the long time otherwise do not take more that 1 month without any prescription of doctor.

To treating wound you can apply this oil on wounds with cotton or clean fingers and cover wound with bandage.

People with high BP should avoid this tel. Overdose can cause indigestion and omitting.

There are many pharmaceuticals in India making this medicine. You can purchase it from a good Ayurvedic medicine store or buy it online.

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