Bael tree details and medicinal uses

Medicinal uses details of Bael(Aegle Marmelos) tree and fruit. In ayurveda this fruit has many medicinal uses to treat various health problems.

Bael(Aegle Marmelos) or Bilva is a medium sized deciduous sacred tree native to India and cultivated all over India. Its every part has medicinal properties. Bael root is one of the ingredients of famous Ayurvedic formulation ‘Dashmula’.

Bael leaf medicinal usage

Here are details of Bael (Aegle Marmelos) Tree

Overview of Aegle marmelos (Aegle Marmelos) Tree

Its Leaves contain an alkaloid rutacin which is hypoglycaemic and is useful in treating high blood pressure and diabetes. Leaves and fruits are useful in controlling diarrhoea and dysentery. Bael fruit has cooling effect and causes constipation. Raw bael fruit is consumed for treatment of ailments such as arthritis and gout. Ripe fruit is taken during summer to keep the body and mind cool. Bael also helps to sharpen intellect and concentration of mind.

Bael root, bark, leaves and fruits are hypoglycaemic, astringent and febrifuge. Its root, stem and bark are antidiarrheal and antivenin. Leaf is anti-inflammatory, expectorant, anticatarrhal, antiasthamatic, antiulcerous and ophthalmic. Flower is emetic. Unripe fruit is stomachic and demulcent. Ripe fruit is antigonorrhoeal, cardiotonic, restorative, laxative, antitubercular, antidysenteric and antiscorbutic. Seed is anthelmintic and antimicrobial.

General information

  • Latin name: Aegle marmelos
  • Family: Rutaceae
  • Sanskrit: Shriphala
  • English: English: Bael tree, Bengal Quince, golden apple, stone apple, wood apple
  • Assamese: Bael, Vael
  • Bengali: Bela, Bilva
  • English: Bengal Quince, Bael fruit
  • Guajarati: Bill, Bilum, Bilvaphal
  • Hindi: Bela, Sriphal, Bel
  • Kannada: Bilva
  • Kashmiri: Bel
  • Malayalam: Koovalam
  • Marathi: Bel, Baela
  • Oriya: Bela
  • Punjabi: Bil
  • Tamil: Vilvam
  • Telugu: Maredu
  • Urdu: Bel

Here are few remedies that can be done at home using Aegle Marmelos or wood apple to cure various ailments.

  • Asthma

    Grind Bael leaves (5 gms). Add 1 spoon of honey. Take orally in morning and evening.

  • High Blood Pressure

    Extract juice of bael leaves, add honey and take twice a day.

  • Jaundice

    Extract juice of soft bael leaves (100). Mix with the powder of black pepper (10). Take the mixture every morning and evening.

  • Diarrhoea

    Dry raw bael fruit pulp. The dried pulp helps to cure diarrhoea.

  • Dysentery

    Eat fresh bel fruit to cure dysentery.

  • Anaemia

    Dry pulp of bel fruit and grind it to make powder. Add (one spoonful) in boiled cow milk. Take this twice a day in morning and evening.

  • Vomiting nausea during pregnancy

    One spoon of raw fruit pulp if taken twice a day stops frequent vomiting nausea during pregnancy.

  • Typhoid

    Grind bael leaves (200). Boil in one cup of water till it becomes thick. Take this paste with a little honey twice or thrice a day.

  • Improving concentration and intelligence

    Take ripe bael fruit with fresh cream and misri.

  • Diabetes

    Chew few Bael leaves empty stomach in the morning.

  • Fractures

    Take pulp of raw bael fruit. Dry it and grind it to powder form. Mix 10 gm of powder, 50 gm of pure ghee, ½ spoonful of turmeric powder in a glass of lukewarm water, stir well. Drink twice a day.

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