Abdominal massage for Digestive problems

Massaging is very good method to relax body and mind. It is also found usefulness in curing body pain. Massaging helps to dilate arteries on skin and improves blood circulation. It strengthens muscles and cures fatigue. For pain in any body part like back ache, joint pain generally massaging is recommended. Abdominal massage is equally good for our digestive system. It gives relief from abdominal discomforts and improves the quality of life.
Abdominal massage is done to stimulate secretion of digestive juices. This also helps in elimination of waste products from system.

Benefit of Abdominal massage

  • There are numerous benefits of abdominal massage. Some of them are given below. The good thing about abdominal massage is that it is easy to done at home and is without any side effect.
  • It can even done on kids to give relief from chronic constipation and abdominal gas pain.
  • Helps to stimulate digestion.
  • Gives relief in pain and cramps.
  • Relieves abdominal gas and improves bowel movements.
  • Stimulates contractions that help to move food in digestive tract.
  • Decreases bowel transit time which is time taken by food to move in digestive tract from the mouth to anus.
  • Gives relaxation and relief from abdominal pain.
    Abdominal pressure of massage causes bowel sensation.

Massaging oils for Digestive system problems

  • Abdominal pain, cramps, Constipation

    Take castor oil and warm it. Massage with this lukewarm oil around the naval.

  • Abdominal gas, fullness

    Take mustard oil and add hing (Asafoetida) in it. Warm it and massage around naval.

How to massage abdomen for pain, cramps, constipation and flatulence

  • Put your right hand around naval.
  • Stroke up and around abdomen in clockwise direction like a shape of horse shoe.
    Repeat same with left hand in anti-clockwise direction.
  • Do this gently and slowly for around ten times in each direction.

This can be done even on infants if you suspect constipation and abdominal gas problem. But do it very gently and slowly

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