Arq Musaffi For Healthy Skin

Know the ingredients and uses of Arq Musaffi. Know the diseases in which this medicine is effective. This is very good for healthy skin. Learn how to use this medicine?

Arq Musaffi, is an Unani herbal preparation. It removes toxins from blood, and useful in diseases of the skin such as Acne, Blood Impurities, Boils, Gonorrhoea, Itch, Pimples, and Syphilis.

The chief ingredient of this medicine is Neem (leaves, and bark).

What is Ark / Arq?

Arka / Arq can be defined as a liquid obtained by distillation of certain liquids or drugs soaked in water using distillation apparatus. The drugs are boiled in distillation apparatus to get the vapors which on condensation give Ark of desired herb. Ark contains the volatile part of the drug.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

Ingredients of Arq Musaffi

  1. Berg Nim (Melia azadirachta leaf) 125gm
  2. Post Nim (Melia Azadirachta bark) 125gm
  3. Post Bakain (Melia Azadirachta bark) 125gm
  4. Berg Bakain (Mellia Azadirachta leaf) 125gm
  5. Post Kachnal (Bouthenia recemosa bark) 125gm
  6. Post Molsiri (Mimusops elengi bark) 125gm
  7. Doodhi Khurd (Leptadenia reticulata herb) 125gm
  8. Berg Bhangra (Anisomeles indica leaf) 125gm
  9. Berg Jawasa (Alhagi psuedalhaji leaf) 125gm
  10. Post Goolar (Ficus racemose fruit) 125gm
  11. Berg Hina (Lawsonia alba leaf) 125gm
  12. Mundi (Sphaeranthus indicum flower) 125gm
  13. Shahtra (Fumaria officinalis herb) 125gm
  14. Sarphoka (Galiga purpurea herb) 125gm
  15. Gule Neelofer (Nymphaea alba flower) 125gm
  16. Burada Sandal safed (Santalum album wood) 125gm
  17. Burada Sandal surkh (Pterocarpus santalinus wood) 125gm
  18. Burada Chob zard (Smilax china powder) 125gm
  19. Burada Sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo wood powder) 125gm

For the preparation of Ark, The dried herbs are cleaned, and coarsely powdered. Some quantity of water is added to it for soaking, and kept over-night. Soaking helps to soften the herb, and when boiled releases the essential volatile principles easily. Next morning this is poured into the distillation apparatus, and boiled. The vapor is condensed, and collected in a receiver. In the beginning, the vapor consists of only steam, and may not contain the essential principles of the drugs. It should therefore be discarded. The last portion also may not contain therapeutically essential substance, and should be discarded. The aliquots collected in between contain the active ingredients, and may be mixed together to ensure uniformity of the Arka.

It is a suspension of the distillate in water having slight turbidity, and color according to the nature of the drugs used, and smell of the predominant drug.

Key Ingredient

Neem (Azadirachta indica, family Meliaceae) is also known as margosa, nim, nimba, nimbatiktam, arishtha, praneem. It is used in traditional medicine to treat wide variety of diseases.

Neem benefits for the skin. Neem is one of the best herb for the skin, and it is antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal, and effective to cure, and prevent skin diseases.

Internally, it removes toxins from blood. It boosts immunity, and prevents infections. It has laxative action, and cures immunity.

It kills bacteria, and virus responsible for diseases. It gives relief in pain, inflammation, and skin diseases. Due to strong antibacterial action it is effective in acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

It has wormicidal action, and gives relief in intestinal parasites.

Properties of Neem described in Unani Medicine System:

  1. Mizaj (Temperament) Hot, Dry
  2. Antipyretic (Dafe Huma)
  3. Antiseptic (Dafe ufoonat)

Benefits of Arq Musaffi

  1. It is a herbal medicine.
  2. It is safe to take.
  3. It is a Musaffi Dam (Blood purifier).
  4. It is effective in diseases of the skin.

Important Therapeutic Uses of Arq Musaffi

  1. Pimples, acne
  2. Scabies, itching
  3. Abscess, Atishak (Syphilis)
  4. Other skin diseases due to blood impurities

The Dosage of Arq Musaffi

The recommended dosage of Ark XYZ is 125 ml.

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