Acnerex Soap for Acne Treatment

Acnerex Soap is medicated soap for treating pimples and preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. Learn more about it's uses.

Acnerex Soap is medicated soap for treating pimples. It is aloe vera based moisturising soap. Aloe vera gel has moisturising effect on skin and helps to cure pimples. The other ingredient Allantoin, is a chemical compound which is used in OTC cosmetics to protect, regenerate and sooth skin.

Ingredients of Acnerex Soap

allantoin 0.2 % w/w, aloe vera extract 10 % w/w, titanium dioxide 0.25 % w/w.
Manufacturer: Med Manor (Med Sun)

Uses of Acnerex Soap

  • Useful in preventing acne
  • Prevention of scar, pigmentation and stretch marks during pregnancy
  • Useful in reducing wrinkles

How to use Acnerex Soap ?

Wash face 2-3 times a day with this soap.


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