Super Breakfast for Healthy Brain and Body

Almond and Date based super breakfast recipe which is great for brain and overall health. No supplement can match this as it is natural and based on ayurveda principles.

A tasty dried fruit based healthy breakfast sauce recipe, this sauce is as good a blood producer as a brain builder produces a lustrous rosy tint on the face and supplies essential energy and nutrition to all vital organs of the body. This recipe is based on three dried fruits.



  1. Peeled almonds 10
  2. Dates 2
  3. Small cardamom 2
  4. 30 gm sugar
  5. 30 gm butter


Remove seed from cardamom and soak all 3 into water overnight(preferable into earthen pot). Add sugar , make a fine paste using some mortar or grinder. Add butter to this paste and mix well.

Eat this sauce every morning in breakfast, you can eat this with other breakfast items like breads.

Even the costly supplements do little good in comparison with this tasteful almond drink for strengthening the brain. Moreover,Nothing can excel it in efficacy for the brain workers. Yellow peevish faces turn ruddy within a few days through its use.

Note: People who are suffering from weak digestion will find difficult to digest this. So it is advised to start eating this sauce in small quantity and gradually increase according to their stomach adoption.

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