Recipe: Litti Chokha(Bati Chokha) in Oven


Litti chokha is very delicious Eastern UP, Bihari dish. There are many versions of this dish. Some are made from only wheat flour and some are made with atta and filling of sattu(roasted gram flour) with several spices. Some time we are cooking bati by frying it some time we are baking it kandi(Doung Cake) fire. This usually served with chokha, chutney, pickle and butter.

In cities it is not possible to make bati traditionally but we can make this by baking it in electric oven. Here I am writing  recipe for making bati in electric oven(Grill in MWO).

Ingredients for bati:

– Wheat flour (3-4 cups)

– Curd(1/2 cup)

– 2 cups sattoo(Roated gram flour)

– 1 spoon ginger garlic paste( fresh)

– 2~3 pinch ajawain

– 2~3 pinch kala jira(mangrail)

– Mango pickle/Amra pickle 2-3 spoon with oil and spices

– Green chili paste 1 tbl spoon

– Fresh Lemon Juice 1 spoon

– Salt to taste

– Clarified butter or fresh butter


– Make wheat flour dough by adding curd and water to it and kneading it.

– Put dough aside.

– Now add all spices, lemon juice and salt in sattoo and mix them by hand. Make sure all spices including pickle very well.

– Now sattoo feeling is ready.

– Now make equal size balls of wheat dough and put filling inside dough ball?s.

– Now Preheat MWO at 250 degree Centigrade.

– Now on high rack put aluminum foil sheet and put bati on that.

– Now in oven bake this for 4 minutes.

– Take out bati from oven and turn bati, put bati in side oven.

– Now bake(grill) again for 4 minutes.

– Please check bati?s are baked properly or not because it depends upon your oven power.  My timings for MWO Grill option.

– Bati is ready to server. Serve it with aaloo baigan chokha/chutney/pickles  along with butter.

Note: Adjust backing timings according to your oven capacity.

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