Vitamins and Minerals during pregnancy

During pregnancy proper vitamins and minerals are required and there are some some vitamins and minerals which are especially required for healthy pregnancy. These vitamins and minerals are very important.

Here are some important Vitamins and minerals in pregnancy

  • Iron:

    Deficiency of iron will make you anaemic. Lean meat, green, leafy vegetables, dried fruit and nuts all contain iron.Try to eat iron rich foods in freak fast along with some citrus fruit juice. You can also take iron supplement . These are available as tablets or a liquid.

  • Vitamin C:

    Vitamin C help you to absorb iron. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, blackcurrants, potatoes and some pure fruit juices are a good sources of vitamin C. It is also required for body immunity.

  • Folic acid:

    Folic acid is important for pregnancy as it can reduce the risk of neural tube defects such as spina bifida. Folic Acid you can get full details of folic acid.

  • Calcium:

    Calcium is vital for making your baby’s bones and teeth. Dairy products and fish with edible bones like sardines are rich in calcium. Breakfast cereals, dried fruit such as figs and apricots, bread, almonds, tofu (a vegetable protein made from soya beans) and green leafy vegetables like watercress,
    broccoli and curly kale are other good sources of calcium.

  • Vitamin D:

    You need vitamin D to keep your bones healthy and to provide your baby with enough vitamin D for the first few months of their life. Vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, and these
    are needed to help keep bones and teeth healthy. Deficiency of
    vitamin D can cause children’s bones to soften and can lead
    to rickets. You should take a supplement of 10 micrograms of
    vitamin D every day.

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