What are Immunization and Vaccination during Pregnancy in India?

What vaccinations are safe during pregnancy in India, the tetanus injection is very important in pregnancy. Find all vaccinations required during pregnancy and schedule of vaccinations in India.

Vaccination is very important for safe pregnancy, by taking some vaccines before and during pregnancy, mother and child can be protected from many complications and diseases, vaccines prevent complications and diseases during pregnancy. Vaccines protecting from some diseases can be taken during pregnancy but there are many who should not be used during pregnancy.

The tetanus vaccine should be taken from time to time by every pregnant woman, which does not lead to tetanus infection during childbirth.

Can every kind of vaccine be taken in pregnancy?

No, some vaccines should not be used at all in the pregnancy.

Vaccines can be considered mainly of three types:

  1. Those who have live viruses, live vaccine
  2. Those who have dead viruses.
  3. Toxoids, those proteins found in bacteria, are made by changing the chemicals toxoid, chemically altered proteins drawn from the bacteria.

Pregnant women should not be allowed live vaccines such as measles, and rubella vaccine (MMR) measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine (MMR), because there is little possibility that it will damage the child development.

Vaccines that have dead viruses such as flu shot, tetanus/diphtheria tetapysis (TDAP) such as toxoid vaccines are safe.

Which vaccines should be taken before pregnancy?

If you are planning for a child, then you should take some vaccines before pregnancy. If they have live viruses, then do not try for a baby immediately. Wait a month or two.

Mussels, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine (MMR) Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccine: (MMR): The Miziles Virus Generates Very Contagious Disease. It starts with fever, nose bleeding, and cough, and then turns red rushes throughout the body. Salivary glumes swell from mumps Due to these infections, abortion or premature delivery increases.

Rubella or German miziles are also viral diseases and start with symptoms such as flu and later they become rhesus on the whole body. It is very dangerous for the child in pregnancy. When this happens, the child may be damaged in the womb, or if the baby is born, it may cause severe congenital deformities, such as deafness, brain weakness, etc.

Chickenpox vaccine: It is also an infectious disease. It is a cause of congenital deformities in the child. This does not allow to develop the legs properly. It can also have paralyzed legs.

What are the vaccines used in pregnancy?

  1. Two vaccines of tetanus toxide should be given. These vaccines are called TT1 and TT2.
  2. TT vaccine prevents the mother and the child from undergoing tetanus disease. One of the major reasons for the death of newborn infants in India is the infection of tetanus at birth.
  3. It is necessary to keep the difference of four weeks between TT1 and TT2 vaccines.
  4. If the pregnant woman has had two vaccines of TT in the last three years, she should only take the booster TT vaccine during this pregnancy.
  5. TT2 (or booster vaccine) vaccine should be given at least four weeks before the expected date of delivery. So that she could get his full benefit.

What other vaccines are available in pregnancy, which are safe?

Flu Shot: This vaccine can be given to a pregnant woman during flu season. You can take it from October to November. There is no harm in getting this vaccine when you are pregnant. The flu shot is made of dead virus, so it is safe for both you and your baby.

Are there other vaccines that should be considered before or during pregnancy?

The doctor may recommend additional vaccinations before or during pregnancy.

  1. Hepatitis B vaccine
  2. Hepatitis A Vaccine
  3. Pneumonia vaccine

What if you are allergic to the vaccine?

  1. Serious responses to the vaccine are rare. But if you are allergic to the vaccine ingredients, please do not take it.
  2. If you are allergic to the baker’s yeast then do not take the hepatitis B Vaccine.
  3. If allergic to egg, do not take the flu shot.
  4. If gelatin or antibiotic is allergic to neomycin, then do not take vaccine of mesles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR).

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