Codeine cough medicine uses in pregnancy

Can codeine medication be taken in pregnancy? Codeine is a cough syrup, which can cause other health problems in the baby during pregnancy? Never take codeine without a doctor's advice.

Codeine is an allopathic medicine that is given for frequent coughs and for light or moderate pain. By taking it, it becomes less coughing. It is also given in the Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

No clear answer can be given whether it is safe to take Codeine in pregnancy because it is necessary to give it several times. The doctor weighs on its assessment of the known or potential risks and benefits that can be made during the pregnancy. The determination of this depends on how long you are pregnant.

Codeine should never be taken by herself in pregnancy. By taking cough-medicine in pregnancy, you can have a bad effect on the child unknowingly.

Intake of any medicine can cause bad effect on the baby in pregnancy. Therefore, special caution is needed. Do not pick up any such over-the-counter medication.

If you are pregnant, it is advisable to consider this information before taking Codeine. Some women may need treatment with codeine during pregnancy.

Codeine is an opioid analgesic. It is much less potent than morphine and in normal doses, it does not cause dependency. It is effective for mild to moderate pain but is too constipating for long-term use.

What is Codeine Pregnancy Category?

Category C C – Animal breeding studies show adverse effects on the fetus. There is no adequate, controlled study on pregnant women. But weighing potential benefits and potential risks, it can be used by doctors in pregnancy.

Codeine is a Schedule H drug (under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules). These medicines are available only on prescription prescriptions. This has been done by people for self-medication, i.e. to prevent self-medication.

Can a child have congenital deformities by taking Codeine in pregnancy?

During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the body and most internal organs are being composed. During this time only the use of certain medicines can cause birth defects in the child.

There is no scientific evidence that taking Codeine during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy causes birth defects. Most studies show that taking Codeine in pregnant women is not likely to cause birth defects in the child.

When specific types of birth defects were analyzed, some studies suggested a possible link between Codeine and pregnancy and cardiac defects, although no link was shown in other studies.

What can lead to miscarriage by taking Codeine during pregnancy?

There is no connection between abortion or stillbirth, and uses of Codeine, although no scientific study has been done.

By taking Codeine during pregnancy, can the child be premature or lose weight?

There is no link between cognitive use and low weight in pregnancy. Further research is required to confirm this.

By taking Codeine in pregnancy, can there be learning difficulties in the child?

The child’s brain develops by the end of pregnancy. It is therefore possible that taking some medicines at any time of pregnancy may have a lasting effect on the child’s learning or behavior. No study has been done to check whether there is a risk of learning and behavioral problems in children during pregnancy, related to Codeine.

Taking Codeine during pregnancy can cause other health problems in the child?

Breathing problems on birth

Codeine influences breathing in some people. It is possible that the Codeine taken by the mother around the delivery is in the bloodstream of a child at birth so that the child has problems breathing in temporary breathing. Only one small study has examined this.

If you have taken codeine during labor, your doctor may advise that after your birth your baby’s breathing should be monitored.

Does my child need additional surveillance during pregnancy?

There is no evidence that taking Codeine during pregnancy causes any problem that requires extra monitoring for your child during pregnancy.

Is there any risk to my child if the father has taken codename?

If you take Codeine during the time of your pregnancy or during the time of your pregnancy, then your child is not at any risk to the health problem of any kind.

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