Haemoglobin normal range in pregnancy

Haemoglobin in pregnant women is key factor for healthy pregnancy because it is very important for fetus development. To maintain maternal anemia it is required to keep haemoglobin in normal range by adding iron and folic acid supplements.

Haemoglobin range during different stages of pregnancy

In general 11~15 gm/dl is normal range during pregnancy but in different trimester it may vary as given below.

  • Nonpregnant – 12 ~15.8  gm/dl
  • First Trimester – 11.6 ~13.9 gm/dl
  • Second Trimester – 9.7 ~ 14.8 gm/dl
  • Third Trimester – 9.7 ~ 14.8 gm/dl

If your haemoglobin is not in this range then your doctor will tell you how to increase or decrease this by adding or reducing some supplement and medicines.

Always try to eat green leaf vegetables and iron rich fruits as they are best sources of iron during pregnancy.

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