Fruits you must not eat during pregnancy

We should be very careful during pregnancy because any this can harm it. During pregnancy we should be very careful about diet. While it is very good to eating fresh fruits during pregnancy but there are some fruits we should avoid during pregnancy.

Here are some fruits you should avoid during pregnancy

  • Papaya because it is a rich source of papain which is not good for pregnant as it can cause abortion as papain dissolves body tissues. So for this reason you should not eat papaya even when you are planning for a baby because most of the women came to know about their pregnancy at least 15~20 days.
  • Pineapple contains Bromelain, core of pineapple contains more  Bromelain, which in large quantities would soften the cervix and increase the risk of miscarriage and early labour. You can find on web on many places that it is safe to eat small quantity of pineapple but you should not take any risk during pregnancy.
  • Fresh fruit juices from stalls, restaurant should be avoided because it can cause bacterial infection very easily so avoid it or take it only when you are very sure.
  • Jamun and Chikoo should be avoided.

Always discuss with your doctor about your diet.

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