Evaluate menstrual cycle for getting pregnant

Many female face problem when they try to conceive. In Ayurvedic view this problem occurs due to imbalances of vata, kapha and Pitta dosa. So you need to take treatment to balance these dosa and you also need to strengthen and prepare your reproductive system.

First understand Ayurvedic view of the menstrual cycle

Kapha phase: End of bleeding until ovulation is a time of building the endometrium and increasing kapha. (Oestrogen is increasing.)
Pitta phase: Ovulation until bleeding. (Progesterone is high and is secreted by the corpus luteum—prepares endometrium for implantation and breasts for milk secretion).
Vata phase: Apana vayu (the downward descending wind) pushes the men-strum down and out, therefore emptying the contents of the womb.

Balance vata during the vata bleeding phase by relaxing, resting, staying warm and calm. Especially keep your abdomen warm and avoid the cold.

Balance kapha during the proliferative phase by eating a nourishing soups that strengthen the blood and enhance ovulation- include beetroots, aloe vera, shata­vafi, nettles and whole grains in your diet.

Balance Pitta during the last phase of the cycle by keeping off foods that might aggravate heat and stress in your body, i.e. coffee, chocolate, alcohol. Increase your yoga practice, have lots of warm baths and clockwise abdominal massage, and increase organic triphala and organic aloe vera in your regime to keep the pelvic region uncongested.

Some useful tip for balancing menstrual cycle

  1. Drink tea made from organic fennel seeds, liquorice, saffron and fresh ginger.
  2. Take organic shatavari capsules to boost fertility and normalize menstruation
  3. Ensure that there is no obstruction in the pelvic cavity; this means making sure you are not constipated and have no pain during ovulation or menstrua­tion. Use organic triphala and organic aloe vera to help with this.
  4. Daily abdominal self-massage with warm organic sesame oil followed by a warm shower or bath. Focus on a clockwise abdominal massage for 5 minutes a day.
  5. Take organic aloe vera juice throughout the cycle from day 7 until day 21 to cleanse and nourish the tissues.
  6. Drink organic rose water regularly as it prepares the uterus for implantation.
  7. If there are any menstrual irregularities, try Pukka Herbs Shatavari Plus,
    which contains herbs that regulate ovulation and promote a healthy cycle.
  8. Use the insight of Ayurveda into the phases of the menstrual cycle to promote your health.

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