Contraception methods failure and pregnancy chances

There are many contraception methods and all have some pros and cons. All birth control methods works best if one use them correctly. If you will not use contraception correctly or regularly then there is chances of pregnancy. Many people don?t know how to use and never consult any doctor to know about uses of contraception. Despite of proper use there are chances of failure in all contraception.

Here is chart of contraception method failures


Sterilization surgery for women

Sterilization implant for women

Sterilization surgery for men

Less than 1 pregnancy
Implantable rod
Intrauterine device
Less than 1 pregnancy

Oral contraceptives (combination pill, or “the pill”) 
Oral contraceptives (continuous/extended use, or “no-period pill”)
Oral contraceptives (progestin-only pill, or “mini-pill”)

Skin patch

Vaginal ring (NuvaRing)

5 pregnancies
Male condom11-16 pregnancies
Diaphragm with spermicide15 pregnancies
Sponge with spermicide (Today Sponge)16-32 pregnancies
Cervical cap with spermicide17-23 pregnancies
Female condom20 pregnancies
Natural family planning (rhythm method)25 pregnancies
Spermicide alone30 pregnancies

All contraception methods are not suitable for every one. Some methods are permanent, some are temporary and some are used in emergency. So choose your contraception as per your need and consult your doctor while going to use contraception.

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