Manmath Ras For Vitality

In Hindu mythology, Kamdev is God of human love and Manmath (churner of hearts) is another name of Kamdev. This Ayurvedic medicine, which derives its name from him, is used to improve sex power, fertility and cure male sexual disorders. It is indicated to treat impotence, infertility, premature ejaculation, low libido, fatigue and loss of sex power. It is a herbomineral medicine containing purified Mercury, purified Sulphur, other metallic preparations and herbal ingredients. Its use gives strength and vigor. It rejuvenates the body, improves sexual stamina and cures sexual problems.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Manmath Ras

Manmath Ras, referenced from Bhaishajya Ratnavali has the following formulation:

Each 48 gram: Shuddha (purified) Parad and Shuddha Gandhak

  • 24 gram: Abhraka Bhasma
  • 12 gram: Shuddha Karpoor, Vang Bhasma, Loh Bhasma
  • 6 gram: Tamra Bhasma
  • Each:3 gram Vidhara roots, Jeerak, Vidarikand, Shatavari, Talmakhana, Balamula, Kavach Beej/Seeds, Ateesh, Javitri, Jaiphal, Lavang, Shudh Bhang Beej, Raal Safed and Ajwain.

Process: Shuddha (purified) Parad and Shuddha Gandhak are blended together to form Kajjali. Abrakh Bhasma, Shuddha Karpoor, Vang Bhasma, Loh Bhasma, Tamra Bhasma, Vidhara roots, Jeerak, Vidarikand, Shatavari, Talmakhana, Balamula, Kavach Beej/Seeds, Ateesh, Javitri, Jaiphal, Lavang, Shudh Bhang Beej, Raal Safed and Ajwain are mixed with the Kajjali to form a fine blend. This formulation is called Manmath Ras.

Kajjali (black sulphide of mercury)

The chief ingredient of this medicine is Kajjali. It is compound of Mercury (Parada) and Sulphur (Gandhaka) and extensively used in the treatment of wide variety of ailments and conditions. Chemically it is black sulphide of mercury.

For preparing Kajjali, Parada and Gandhak separately undergo Shodhana-vidhi whereby they are purified, detoxified and potentized. Mercury and Sulphur thus processed are taken in equal weight and triturated till the shiny globules of Parada are no longer visible and homogenous mixture looks like Kajal. This preparation is called Kajjali. It is a prime ingredient of the majority of Rasaushadhies.

Kajjali cures many diseases by pacifying the tridoshas. It is used as Vrishya (an aphrodisiac), Sahapana (taking together with medicine), and Anupana (a vehicle taken after medicine). Kajjali enhances the properties of the other drugs mixed with it.

Abhrak Bhasma (Mica)

Abhrak Bhasma, is preparation of Mica. It consist iron as a major element and calcium, potassium and silicon in low concentrations. It gives strength to the body, promotes vigour and increases libido. It cures old fever, bronchitis, asthma, piles, palpitation of the heart, blood pressure, nervous debility, spermatorrhoea, leucorrhoea, Mutra Krichra and thickens the watery semen. It is life promoting drug, and helps in procreation and synthesizes the sperms. Abhraka Bhasma is called as a wonder drug due to its curative property in various ailments.

Loh Bhasma (Iron)

Lauha bhasma, an iron-based herbo-metallic preparation, is an Ayurvedic medicine prescribed for the treatment of anemia due to iron deficiency.

Benefits of Manmath Ras

  • It is alterative tonic and rejuvenator.
  • It enhances sex power.
  • Its use gives vitality, vigour and strength.
  • It cures sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation, nightfall, watery semen, erection issues, etc.
  • It has aphrodisiac action.

Uses of Manmath Ras

  • Improves sexual performance and stamina
  • Napunsakta (Impotence)
  • Namardi (Erectile Dysfunction)
  • Shigra Patan (Premature ejaculation/Early Discharge)

The Dosage of Manmath Ras

1 tablets twice a day with milk or as directed by a physician.

Do not use this medicine for a longer period without consulting a doctor.

Please note, the doses of Ayurvedic medicines are not fixed. The exact dose depends on the age, strength, digestive power of the patient, the nature of the illness, the state of the viscera and humours, and the properties of individual drugs.

Ayurvedic medicines containing detoxified substances, heavy metals should be taken only under medical supervision.

You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores.

This medicine is manufactured by Baidyanath (Manmath Ras), Prince Pharma (Manmath Ras), Vyas (Manmath Ras) and many other Ayurvedic pharmacies.

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