Divya Makardhwaj For Sexual Problems

Divya Makardhwaj is very good supplement for sexual problems. Know what are the conditions in which this can be taken. Know Divya Makardhwaj composition and directions to use.

Divya Makardhwaj is a herbomineral Ayurvedic medicine from Patanjali Divya Pharmacy. It contains Ras-Sindoor, Swarn Bhasma, Lauha Bhasma and herbal ingredients cloves, Kapur, Jaiphal and Javitri in equal amounts.

Divya Makardhwaj is a tonic that gives youthfulness, vigor and prevents aging. It is indicated in physical debility, sexual weakness, improving sexual health, and as an antiaging. It has Tonic, aphrodisiac, anti-aging properties.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

Ingredients of Divya Makardhwaj

  • Divya Makardhwaj 2 grams contains equal amount of
  • Ras Sindoor
  • Swarn Bhasma
  • Lauha Bhasma
  • Laung
  • Kapoor
  • Jaiphal
  • Javitri

Processed in Paan leaves (Piper betle)

Ras Sindoor is sulphide of mercury. It is a Kupi-pakva (cooked inside a Kanch Kupi or glass bottel) Rasayan of Ayurveda. It is used in the treatment of a variety of diseases like genital disorders, syphilis, low libido, premature ejaculation, night fall, mental diseases, piles, Prameha, etc. Ras sindoor in is hot in potency. It gives strength to heart and is used for rejuvenation.

Swarn Bhasma is calcined powder of gold. It is a tonic for nervous system. It has Tonic, antacid, hematinic and alterative properties. It is useful in the treatment of Prameha, anemia, mental disorders, weakness, respiratory ailments and diseases of heart.

Lauha Bhasma is calcined iron. Iron is essential for the whole body. Its deficiency causes anemia and weakness.

Cloves or laung has pungent taste, cool potency, light, penetrating, oily properties. It balances Kapha and pitta. It has pain relieving, cough reducing, and aphrodisiac properties. It stimulates circulation, and gives strength to heart. It treats cold, cough, asthma and other lung diseases.

Jaiphal or Nutmeg has pungent, bitter and astringent action. It is hot in potency. It improves digestion, balances kapha and vata. It is used in the treatment of throat diseases, asthma, cough, fever, urinary and digestive diseases. Javitri and Jaiphal both are strong and hot. They cure cough, nerves disorders and sexual disorders.

Benefits of Divya Makardhwaj

  • It improves weight, strength and vigor.
  • It is a Tonic, Rasayana and useful in treating sexual problems in males.
  • It cures loss of libido and weakness.
  • It has anti-aging property.
  • It has aphrodisiac action.
  • It is hot in potency and especially useful in nervous disorders, cough and sexual disorders.

Uses of Divya Makardhwaj

  • Tonic
  • Anti-aging
  • Sexual weakness
  • Cold, cough, chest congestion
  • Physical weakness
  • Poor health

The Dosage of Divya Makardhwaj

125 mg, twice a day after the meal with honey or as directed by a physician.

Please note, the doses of Ayurvedic medicines are not fixed. The exact dose depends on the age, strength, digestive power of the patient, the nature of the illness, the state of the viscera and humours, and the properties of individual drugs.

Ayurvedic medicines containing detoxified, toxic material/ poisonous substances, heavy metals should be taken only under medical supervision.

You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores.

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