Reckeweg R 32 drops hyperhidrosis

Reckeweg R 32 drops are indicated for the people who are suffering from excessive perspiration. Its medical name is hyperhidrosis.

  • Brand/Manufacturer: Reckeweg
  • Availability: Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Proprietary Homeopathic Medicine
  • Main Indication: Excessive sweating
  • SIZE: 22 ML Sealed Bottle.
  • MRP– Rs. 220
  • Contraindications: No known contraindication
  • Interactions: No known interaction
  • Side-effects: No known side effects

R32 Drops Composition

Nitric acid D12

It treats body odor. This remedy is best suited for people who are dark in complexion in the mid-50s. It is given to people who complain that their urine, feces, and perspiration is very offensive. His family members complain that this person has a very bad body odor that they cannot tolerate. They are too week and cannot tolerate cold. They take cold very easily. they are too irritable. They hate every individual. At times these people are very stubborn. They are often hopeless and always in despair. They are sensitive to noise. pain and touch. They have fear of death. This remedy should be given when the patient complains of fetid foot sweat. This often causes soreness of toes. It is associated with pain. It can also be given when the patient complains of the sweat of palms and hands. It is a good remedy for offensive sweat in the armpits which often comes at night.

Belladonna D12

It treats hot sweat with vapor. This remedy should be given to a person who lives in his own world. He is far from reality. He has hallucinations of different kinds such as monsters and some unknown faces. It can also be given for male complaints whose testicles are hard and inflamed and they also suffer from night sweat on their private parts. It is given when a patient has perspiration on the head.

Jaborandi D4

This remedy is very good for profuse perspiration. It is given when the patient’s face, ears are deeply flushed and drops of perspiration break out all over the body along with watering of mouth and excessive salivation. It is a very good remedy when a patient has abnormal sweats, especially at night. It is also a good remedy when a patient has thyroid disease as it is a specific remedy for exophthalmic goiter. The patient also complains of dryness of the skin. It is also given when a patient has perspiration, especially in tuberculosis.

Calcarea carb D6

It treats weakness between shoulder blades and excessive sweating. It is given to a person who is very apprehensive. This is worse towards the evening. The patient has a fear of loss of property, fear of misfortune, fear of any disease. He is forgetful, confused. It is given to a patient who is in despair. It is given when a patient has night sweats. This is seen especially on the head, neck, and chest. The sweat is so much over the head of children, that the pillow becomes wet.

It is best suited to a person who is fat and has a fair complexion. All his muscles are relaxed. He has excessive perspiration with a cold and damp feeling. His perspiration often smells sour. This remedy is not recommended for old people. He often desires eggs especially hard-boiled, milk, and cheese. They are chubby babies with cold feed.

Sepia D30

It treats menopausal sweating. It is given to a patient who is very weak with a yellow complexion. It is especially suited for females. It is a very good remedy for women who have menopausal complaints like hot flushes, weakness, and perspiration. She also complains of easy fainting. This medicine is suited for ladies who have a lack of feeling towards loved ones. She does not want to do any work. She is irritable. She does not want to be alone and is very sad. It is given for complaints like frequent flushes of heat. She complains of sweat from the least motion. She is very sensitive to cold and lacks warmth in the body. It is a good remedy for foot sweat which is worse on toes. It is very offensive with an intolerable odor. A patient has a bad odor from the body.

Salvia officinalis D30

It treats perspiration during the acute disease of different kinds. It controls excessive sweating in people who have an acute disease. It is also a good remedy for patients who has tuberculosis with night sweats with suffocating and tickling cough. It is a good remedy who have slow circulation with excessive sweat. The patient also complains of cold extremities.

Sambucus Nig D4

It treats perspiration due to acute diseases. It is given to a person who is in constant worry. The patient is easily frightened. He is so much frightened that it follows suffocative attacks. It is a very good remedy when a patient has heat and perspiration on the face. One of the characteristic features of the patient is that he has profuse sweat over the entire body during waking hours. He has dry heat of skin during sleep.

Sanguinaria D6

It treats flushes with outbreaks of sweating. It is given to patients who have circumscribed redness of the cheeks. It is a good remedy for menopausal conditions who have flashes of heat, with a rush of blood to the head and chest. The patient also complains of burning in palms and soles. It can also be given for tuberculosis. It is a good remedy for menopausal complaints and their associated conditions. It is a very good remedy for sun headache, which is worse from the sun and in the day time. Headache is seen in every menses and on the seventh day.

Veratrum D12

It is given for shock after the operation and associated with cold sweat on the forehead. Along with this patient has a pale face and a rapid weak pulse. It is very useful when a patient has cold perspiration on the forehead with almost all complaints. It is given to a person who notices nothing and sits in a stupid manner. He is like a mad man. He has various types of delusions, especially of misfortune. He has mania with a desire to cut and tear things. He has the sensation of a lump of ice on the vertex with cold sweat on the forehead. Icy coldness of the tip of the nose and face. It is given when a patient has stools that are large, with much straining till exhausted with cold sweat. It is a very good remedy when a patient has painful menses with coldness, vomiting, and cold sweat.

Lachesis D30

It is a very good remedy for complaints of menopause with depressed mood. It is given to a patient who is very talkative. He is sad in the morning with no desire to mix with the world. He is restless and uneasy. Can do labor best when performed at night. It is a very good remedy for a headache which is worse from the sun. It is given when a patient has icy cold feet with hot flushes and hot perspiration.

This is the German formula for the control of excessive perspiration. It is a natural product which is quite effective. It helps to get rid of sweat spots and body odour which at times may be unbearable and quite embarrassing.

It provides a permanent solution to excessive perspiration.

R32 Drops Important Therapeutic Uses

It is useful in perspiration disorders like hyperhidrosis, climacteric flushing (this condition occurs during menopause. This condition is a natural phenomenon and can cause feelings of warmth and rapid reddening of the neck, upper chest, or face with sweat.).

  • It can also treat perspiration during acute infectious diseases. It can treat excessive perspiration occurring due to fever.
  • It is very effective for perspiration occurring in the early stages of tuberculosis.
  • It can also treat exhaustion occurring as a result of diseases like tuberculosis and infectious disease.

R32 Drops Dosage

As a prolonged cure 3 to 4 times, a day 10 to 15 drops of Dr.Reckeweg R 32 will be taken in some water. In cases of intermittent perspiration (i.e. flushing, nocturnal sweat) frequent, eventually prophylactic doses, e.g. in nocturnal perspiration several doses, at an interval of 1/4 hour, of 10 to 15 drops of Dr.Reckeweg R 32. If perspiration occurs in the early part of the night the same dosage will be good.

Contraindications, Interactions, Side-effects, and Suggestions

  • It has no known side-effect.
  • It has no known drug interaction.
  • It is completely safe to take this medicine in recommended doses.
  • Homeopathic medicines should be taken after cleaning the mouth and preferably on an empty stomach.
  • Please do not eat strong-smelling food items such as onion, garlic, etc. within half an hour before and after taking the medicine.
  • In case white globules have turned yellow, or sediments appear in the liquid form of medicine, do not take.
  • Do not take tobacco in any form.
  • During homeopathic treatment, no other medicines should be taken, unless suggested by a qualified homeopathic doctor.

Keep medicines:

  • Away from strong smelling substances like camphor, menthol, etc.
  • In a cool, dry place away from direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Away from the reach of children.

This medicine should not be taken if a patient develops any hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.

This medicine should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Homeopathic medicine should be kept out of direct light and must be stored at a constant temperature. It should not be stored over 30 degrees centigrade.

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