Menopause Information and Homeopathic Medicines

Know the homeopathic medicines to treat menopausal symptoms like cardiac palpitation, hot flushes, depression, dizziness, restlessness, severe itching of the skin, perspiration attacks and sleep disorders, vaginal dryness, breast atrophy, loss of libido, irritability.

Menopause is defined as the last menstrual period. Diagnosis of menopause can only be made retrospectively after a minimum of 1 year of amenorrhea. Menopause occurs at an average age of 51, the physiological changes which result in the final menstrual period can start 10 years prior to this. It at times be associated with distressing clinical problems such as reduced fertility, menstrual irregularity. These symptoms are generally be seen on the skin and urinary and genital tract, in the skeletal and cardiovascular systems.

At what age menopause occur?

Menopause normally occurs between the ages of 45 and 50 years. The average age is 47 years. At times it is often seen that a woman menstruates well beyond the age of 50. This delayed menopause may be related to good nutrition and better health. Late menopause may be also seen in women with diseases like endometrial cancer and uterine fibroids. Menopause is directly associated with smoking and genetic disposition. Smoking induces premature menopause.

Hormonal level in menopause women

  1. Estrogen 5-25 pg/ml
  2. oestrone 20-70pg/ml
  3. FSH less than 40/mIU/ml
  4. Androgen 0.3-1ng/ml
  5. Testosterone 0.1-0.5ng/ml
  6. LH 50-100mIU/ml

Menopausal symptoms

  1. Menopause has a major effect on the period, so it shows these types of symptoms
  2. Sudden stoppage
  3. The gradual decrease in the amount of blood loss with each regular period until menstruation stops.
  4. A gradual increase in the spacing of the periods until they increase for at least a period of 1 year.

Other symptoms involved are

Hot flushes-It affects the face and the neck and last for 2 to 5 minutes each. These are followed by severe sweating. These are more severe during the night and can disturb sleep.

  1. Sweating
  2. Insomnia (loss of sleep)
  3. Headache
  4. Psychological (Related to mind)
  5. Fear or phobia of cancer
  6. Irritability, depression
  7. Lack of concentration
  8. The sensation of pins and needles in the hands and feet.
  9. Recurrent urinary infection, urge to urinate can also be seen.
  10. Dryness of the vagina may also be seen.

Diseases related to menopause are as follows

  1. Arthritis, osteoporosis (it is a disease in which there is a gradual decrease of the bone mass index in increased tendency to fracture), and fracture
  2. Disease-related to heart
  3. Skin changes like early wrinkling of the skin.
  4. Alzheimer disease
  5. Tooth decay
  6. Investigation
  7. Pap smear
  8. Blood sugar, lipid profile, ECG
  9. Ultrasound
  10. Bone density study
  11. Estrogen (E2) level
  12. Homeopathic Medicine Klimaktolan for early menopause

Klimaktolan Schwabe

Schwabe Klimaktolan tablets are commonly indicated for symptoms of early menopause. It is a homeopathic remedy that is a mixture of various homeopathic herbs. It is indicated for many menopausal symptoms like cardiac palpitation, hot flushes, depression, dizziness, restlessness, severe itching of the skin, perspiration attacks and sleep disorders, vaginal dryness, breast atrophy, loss of libido, irritability.

Ingredients of Klimaktolan Schwabe

1. Cimicifuga racemosa 2x

2. Sepia officinalis 2x

3. Lachesis mutus 2x

4. Ignatia Amara 5x

5. Sanguinaria Candensis 2x

About the Ingredients

1. Cimicifuga racemosa

It has a wide action on various systems such as the muscular system, uterus, and ovaries. It is especially indicated in complaints like crampy pains, and heaviness of limbs. The patient has great depression, with dreams of something bad is going to happen. The patient has fears of riding in a closed carriage. It is useful for various complaints such as lack of menses with characteristic pain that shoots upward and down to thighs. Pain is seen soon before menses. Menses are profuse, dark, thick, offensive with a backache. It is very important to remedy backache. Menses are always irregular. Pain is seen from hip to hip. The patient has an intolerance to pain.

Symptoms Worse by:

  1. Morning
  2. During menses
  3. Cold

Symptoms Better by:

  1. Warmth
  2. Eating

2. Sepia officinalis

It acts especially on the portal system with congestion. The patient has a weakness with a yellow complexion, bearing down sensation. The patient has a tendency to abortion. She has hot flushes at menopause with weakness and perspiration. She easy fainting. Ball-like sensation in inner parts. It is the most important uterine remedy. She feels cold even in a warm room. She is indifferent to those loved best. She is very irritable fears to be alone. There is bearing down sensation as if everything would escape out, so in order to prevent this, she must cross limbs. Menses too late and scanty, irregular, early and profuse. There is a white discharge from the vagina which can vary in color like yellow, greenish, with much itching. Morning sickness can be also seen in patients.

Symptoms Worse by:

  1. Forenoons and evenings
  2. Washing
  3. Dampness
  4. Left side
  5. After sweat
  6. Cold air
  7. Before thunderstorm

Symptoms Better by:

  1. By exercise
  2. Pressure
  3. Warmth of bed
  4. Hot application
  5. Bathing
  6. After sleep

3. Lachesis mutus

It is important to remedy menopause with palpitations. Flashes of heat, hemorrhages, headache, fainting spells which is worse by the pressure of clothes. Menses in this patient is too short, too weak, and this flow of menses relieved by the flow. The left region is very painful and swollen. The breast region is inflamed, bluish. Pain especially on rising from a sitting posture. This remedy acts especially at the beginning and close of menstruation. Mentally the patient is very talkative. She is very sad in the morning. She no desire to mix with the works. She is restless and uneasy and jealous.

Symptoms Worse by:

  1. After sleep
  2. Left side
  3. Warm bath
  4. Pressure or constriction
  5. Hot drinks
  6. Closing eyes

Symptoms Better by:

  1. Appearance of menses
  2. Warm applications

4. Ignatia Amara

It produces extreme sensitivity towards all stimuli. This remedy is especially for nervous women, dark color, who quickly perceive, and react. She has a changeable mood and is very sad, tearful, not communicative. She is not all interested in talking. Menses in this patient is black, can be too profuse, or too scanty. During menses, she is very weak with spasmodic pain in the stomach and abdomen. Menses are at times suppressed from grief.

Symptoms Worse by:

  1. In morning
  2. Open-air
  3. After meals
  4. Coffee
  5. Smoking

Symptoms better by:

  1. While eating
  2. Change of position

5. Sanguinaria Canadensis

This remedy mainly acts on the right side of patients with symptoms that appear especially on the right side. The patient has circumscribed redness of the cheeks with flashes of heat, burning in palms and soles, and has been found very applicable to climacteric disorders. Burning sensations, as if from hot water. It has to burn on many parts of the body. In this remedy, the patient has white discharge which is very fetid. Menses offensive and profuse. There is soreness of breasts. A characteristic symptom is this remedy is that patient has itching in axillae before menses.

Symptoms Better by:

  1. Sweets
  2. Right side
  3. Motion
  4. Touch

Symptoms Better by:

  1. Acids
  2. Sleep
  3. From darkness.

Dosage of Schwabe Klimaktolan

Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician 1 to 2 tablets of Klimakotlan, 3 times per day over an extended period of time. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist.

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