Homeopathic Remedy Sepia officinalis

Cuttlefish ink, also known as sepia, is used to make a dark brown pigment traditionally used by painters and printers. In 1834 Hahnemann proved the homeopathic remedy, after observing the apathy and depression experienced by an artist friend who frequently licked his sepia-soaked paintbrush while painting.

Preparation of Sepia officinalis

Prepared from inky juice of cuttlefish. This ink is then dried to a crystalline form and then triturated with lactose.

About Sepia

Sepia belongs to the Cephalopoda class, which also includes squid and octopus.

Sepia officinalis inhabits the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Sepia preferred habitat in near the bottom of waters close to the shore. In ancient Greece, cuttlefish ink was used medicinally as a treatment for gonorrhea and kidney stones. It has a soft, rounded, elliptical, gelatinous body that is one to two feet long, of a brown color, verging on red with spotted back. Sepia introduced in homeopathy by Dr. Hahnemann.

Well adapted to

Persons of dark hair, rigid fiber, but mild in nature. This remedy covers all female related problems ranging from pregnancy, in childbed, nursing, leucorrhoea (whitish discharge from the vagina), menstruation, and so on.

It is also suited for men who have been addicted to drinking and indulge in sexual excesses.

Sepia is suited to tall, slim women with a narrow pelvis and weak muscle fibers. Sepia is considered to be ideal for the treatment of women of slender build and a narrow pelvis. The body of the sepic patient is toughly built.

All kind of problems arises due to

Sexual abuse, being alone, being unmarried, anger, fright, anxiety, with shock, suppressed anger, disappointment, grief, sorrow, care, unhappy love, bad news, business cares, business failures, embarrassment, humiliation, mental work, from injuries, falls, over lifting, wetting, laundry works, tobacco, alcohol.

The patient typically prefers sour foods and drinks, sweet foods, and alcohol, dislike milk.

It is related to all diseases of the liver and the uterus. Very important of Sepia patient is the absence of sexual desire and lack of the emotions of love and affection to near ones.

Women’s health

The patient has a tendency to commit suicide. The patient mentally is like a mad person. These conditions develop as a result of having silently suffered over a long period. The patient is broken down inside and is sick of everything. In this remedy liver is the most affected. The patient usually female, as it is a female remedy, hates everything that in fact, she should have liked.

The patient is often affected by long-continued domination. This domination could be at the hands of dictatorial parents who attempt to mold the patient to which they like that of a typical Indian girl, or it may from the domination of a husband who does not give her the opportunity to develop her imitative, independent, and identity. Patients want sympathy. The patient is very pessimistic closed and private. They cannot talk about their problems without crying. Everything is seen in a negative light. She always feels unfortunate and neglected.

One of the characteristic features of this remedy is the formation of a dark, saddle-shaped mark over the bridge of the nose like two wings of a bird. This particular sign is often indicative of liver dysfunction. Liver dysfunction often leads to jaundice.

Women in pregnancy may develop dark marks on their faces. The face loses its healthy glow. But in this remedy, this sign may become apparent even without pregnancy. There are light brown specks form with black dots in the center. When the body has whitish or light brown spots then it may be a sign of a liver problem. This often called liver spots. This patient is often suffering from constipation, which often seen in pregnancy.

There is difficulty during childbirth due to the weakness of pelvic and abdominal muscles, and the patient cannot push the child with full force. This remedy facilitates the birth of the child. In this remedy, the patient feels extremely hungry. It is a very good remedy for prolapse of the uterus.

It is a very good remedy for vomiting during pregnancy, this vomiting is of milky white material along with whitish vaginal discharge.

The patient has constipation, sometimes, the patient gets diarrhea, passing a lot of whitish sticky mucus. The stools smell very bad. It is a very good remedy for the retention of the placenta (after childbirth). But this remedy is effective before the onset of the infection. The hands and feet are often loose sensations. The eyesight becomes weak, of the sepia patient, due to weakness of the eye muscles. There are black spots that seem to be dancing before the eyes. The eyelids become swollen and baggy. The patient becomes nauseated at the smell of food.

Sepia may be used for hormone imbalance linked to Premenstrual syndrome, heavy painful menstruation, and menopause.

Head complaints are

Vertigo, with the sensation of something rolling around in the head. There is stinging pain from within outward and upwards mostly on the left side, or in the forehead, with nausea vomiting, worse indoors and when lying on the painful side. It is a very good remedy for migraines. There is jerking of the head backward and forwards. Feeling of the coldness of the vertex.

It is a very good remedy for dandruff, where hair falls out.

Eyes complaints

All of the eye complaints are worse in the morning and evening. A very good remedy for ptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid caused by muscle paralysis and weakness).

Nose complaints

There is thick, greenish discharge from the nose. There is a yellowish saddle across the nose.

Face complaints

There are yellow blotches on the face. Saddle-like brownish distribution in nose and cheeks.

Stomach complaints

Feeling of goneness, not relieved by eating. There is nausea at the smell or sight of food. Nausea worse lying on the side. Everything tastes too salty. Nausea in the morning before eating. There is burning in the stomach. All complaints are worse, after milk, especially when boiled. Liver sore and pain relieved by lying on the right side.


Often constipated. Very large, hard stools, there is the sensation of a ball in the rectum, Stools dark brown, round balls glued together with mucus. It is a good remedy for infantile diarrhea, which is worse from boiled milk and rapid exhaustion.

Skin complaints

Itching not relieved by scratching, worse in bends of elbows and knees. There are herpetic eruptions on lips, around the mouth, and nose. Ringworm like eruption every spring. A good remedy for urticaria पित्ती which appears on going in the open air, better in a warm room.

Symptom Worse By

In forenoons and evenings, washing, laundry works, dampness, left side, cold air.

Symptoms Better By

Exercise, pressure, the warmth of the bed, hot applications, drawing limbs up, cold bathing, after sleep.

The potency of Homeopathic Remedy Sepia officinalis

30 and higher. In psychiatric patients, it should be given in CM potency.

Dosage of Homeopathic Remedy Sepia officinalis

For minor conditions, the 6x potency may be taken twice daily for seven to ten days.

For acute conditions, either the 6x remedy may be taken every two to four hours for three to five days.

For serious conditions, the patient can take either the 6x remedy once every 15 minutes for six to eight doses until the condition improves.

How to take remedy Homeopathic Remedy Sepia officinalis

Sepia officinalis should be taken away from meals and not before or after brushing your teeth, with mint or strong tasting toothpaste.

Globules are to be allowed to dissolve in the mouth under the tongue.

Liquids should be mixed with saliva in the mouth and held for 10-15 seconds before swallowing.

Babies globules can be dissolved in water and then administered by a dropper or by spoon.

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