Common Hair Problems and Bakson Hair Aid

Learn about Bakson Hair Aid usage to correct hair problems. Learn about this medicine dosage and usage direction.

Bakson Hair Aid Drops is a Homeopathic medicine used for treating various common hair related problems. Few common hair related problems include dandruff, premature hair greying, and split ends.

Explanation of Common Hair Related Problems

Dandruff– It is basically flaking of the scalp. When we see a normal scalp, it has few flakes and has smooth skin.

Dandruff can be identified by patches of loosely adherent flakes. It is associated with great itching. When this condition progresses, it results in seborrheic dermatitis, so these flakes are more greasy with a yellow color. It is also associated with inflammatory changes like redness of patches, greasy skin, along with redness around nasal folds, ears, eyebrows, and chest.

Causes of Dandruff

  1. Role of sebum-It is said that dandruff is seen more in areas with high levels of sebum. This release of sebum is also dependent on the level of stress and hormones.
  2. Role of yeast Malassezia-It got its name for Malassez in 1898. It belongs to the genus Pityrosporum during the second half of the 20th century. This is responsible for various types of skin disease like seborrheic dermatitis, pityriasis Versicolor, and Malassezia folliculitis.
  3. Premature greying of hair– It is a more commonly seen condition. It is usually seen with aging. It may be an autosomal dominant condition, autoimmune, or maybe due to premature aging syndromes. It is generally progressive and permanent. Premature greying of hair (Canities) is a process of aging and seen in all gender or race. Premature grey hair is said if greying occurs before the age of 20 years in Whites, before 25 years in Asians, and before 30 years in Africans.

Various causes of premature greying of hair

  1. Chronic protein loss (due to kwashiorkor, nephrosis, coeliac disease)
  2. Cystic fibrosis
  3. Drugs including chloroquine, mephenesin, phenylthiourea, triparanol, fluorobutyrophenone, dixyrazine, topically applied agents like dithranol, chrysarobin, resorcin, prostaglandin F 2 alpha (PGF 2 alpha) analogs.
  4. Genetics
  5. Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  6. Hyper or hypothyroidism
  7. pernicious anemia
  8. Pollution
  9. Seen in HIV infection
  10. Smoking is related to premature greying of hair
  11. Stress
  12. U-V light
  13. various cases of malabsorption conditions

Symptoms are as follows

In men– greying begins in sideways. It later spread to the top of the head and back of the head hair greys at last.

In women– greying around the perimeter of the hairline, in front of the head.

It is seen that beard and body hair are affected later. Chest, pubic, and axillary hair may be seen black even in old age.

Split ends-Medically it is known as Trichoptilosis, schizotrichia.

This is due to excessive heat, improper way of grooming of hair, and mechanical stress.

Causes of Split ends

The use of curling irons and other heat treatments cause split ends.

The use of hair products such as perms and hair coloring can cause split ends. Pulling a comb forcefully through tangled hair and repeated combing can cause split ends.

Can be seen Menkes disease and occipital horn syndrome.

Composition of Bakson Hair Aid Drops

  • Internal Preparation: Acidum phos. 3x, Lycopodium clavatum 3x, Jaborandi 2x, Natrum mur.3x.
  • External Preparation: Cinchona off., Arnica mont., Jaborandi, Cantharis.

Internal Preparation

1- Acidum phos.- This remedy is associated with weakness. The patient has mental weakness first, followed by physical. It is suited to young people, whose growth rate is very high, but mentally they are too weak. They are troubled by grief, loss of vital fluids. The patient is very confused. He has a weak memory. He has no emotion for any person. He cannot collect his thoughts or find the right word. There is difficulty in understanding things. He has a bad effect from mental shock. He is always in despair. It is a very good remedy for greying hair early in life. It is also associated with early falling out of hair. Hair thins out and turns grey early. It provides nourishment to the roots of the hair and prevent excessive hair fall naturally

Feel Worse-any kind of exertion, from being talked to, loss of vital fluids.

Feel Better –from keeping warm.

2- Lycopodium clavatum –It is suited to old people, with an earth-like complexion. They are constantly troubled with a uric acid-related disease. It is suited to children aged early and is very weak. These patients take everything warm in food and drinks. It can also be given to people who are well educated and intelligent but are very weak. Because of this weakness patient has severe hair fall. He has moist eczema oozing behind the ears. It can also be given in premature baldness and grey hair. The patient has early aging.

  • Worse-complaints are worse on the right side, these are often gone from right to left, from 4-8 p.m, from heat, in a warm room, hot air, in bed. Throat and stomach complaints are better from taking warm drinks.
  • Better- by motion, after midnight, from warm food and drink, from being uncovered.

3- Jaborandi – Its main seat of action is on the thyroid gland. It is very important to remedy abnormal sweating. It is helpful in night sweats seen in T.B. It is effective in various symptoms of goiter ranging from increased action of heart and pulsations in the arteries, tremors, and nervousness to heat and sweating. There is excessive perspiration in all parts of the body. Though there is perspiration patient has persistent dryness of the skin. It is a good hair restorer and blackens white hair. It increases the strength of hair and prevents dryness and excessive splitting of hair. Jaborandi helps to make your hair thick and strong. This homeopathic remedy prevents the formation of crusts or dryness of the scalp.

4- Natrum Mur.- It is a great remedy for the weakness which is felt in the morning, when in bed. There is weakness seen around the neck. He takes cold very easily. Along with this, there is dryness of mucous membranes. It can be given to diseases like hyperthyroidism, goiter. Addison’s disease and Diabetes. The patient has ill effects of grief, anger. He has depression particularly due to some chronic diseases. Whenever somebody consolates the patient his condition increases. The patient wants to be alone to cry. The face of the patient is very oily and shiny as if grease is applied. He has an earthy complexion. This remedy has great action on hair follicles. It can be given for alopecia. It is indicated for hair loss due to exposure to the sun. People who use various hairstyles or chemicals should use this homeopathic remedy to prevent hair diseases.

  • Worse- the patient is worse from noise, music, warm room, from lying down. Worse from around 10 a.m., near the seashore, from mental exertion, from consolation, from heat, talking.
  • Better- from the open air, from cold bathing, lying on the right side, from pressure against the back, from tight clothing.

External Preparation:

1- Cinchona officinalis. ø- It is a remedy associated with extreme weakness because of exhausting discharges from loss of vital fluids. This remedy is associated with a periodicity of symptoms. It is suited to a person who has no emotion towards others. He is disobedient, is very lonely. Various ideas crowd in mind, which prevent sleep. He has a tendency to hurt other people’s feelings. He cries suddenly. The scalp of the patient is very sensitive. He feels worse from combing his hair. The patient has extreme sensitiveness to touch. This makes your hair soft and shiny.

  • Worse- on slightest touch, from the air, every other day, from loss of vital fluids, at night, after eating.
  • Better- bending double, hard pressure, from open-air, from warmth.

2- Arnica montana. ø-It is suited to dark-haired people with rigid muscles and he is very nervous. The patient has an adverse effect on traumatic injuries. He has trauma from grief. He has a sudden realization of financial loss. He has a sore bruised feeling in his whole body. His head feels hot with a cold body. Scalp feels contracted.

  • Worse- least touch, motion, rest, wine, from the damp cold.
  • Better- from lying down.
  • Jaborandi ø-. It is a good hair restorer and blackens white hair.

3- Cantharis ø- It is suited to a person with anxious restlessness. He constantly attempts to do something, but he accomplishes nothing. He has acute mania. Has violent sexual desire. He has a sudden loss of consciousness with a red face. He has intolerable, constant urging to pass urine. There is a burning sensation in the head.

  • Worse- from touch, while urinating, from drinking cold water.
  • Better- by rubbing.


Adults: 10 -12 drops in a half tablespoon of water twice daily. (Internal prep.).

40 to 45 drops mixed with oil on an alternate day (External prep.).

Children: 5 – 6 drops in a half a tablespoon of water twice daily (Internal prep.).

20 – 25 drops mixed with oil on an alternate day (External prep.).



Benefits of Bakson Hair Aid

  1. It increases the strength of hair and prevents dryness and excessive splitting of hair.
  2. Jaborandi helps to make your hair thick and strong.
  3. This homeopathic remedy prevents the formation of crusts or dryness of the scalp.

Side Effects/Contraindications/Warning/Drug Interactions

  1. Side effects: No side effects of Bakson Hair Aid Drops
  2. Contraindications: No contra-indications for the use of Bakson Hair Aid Drops
  3. Interactions: No interactions between Bakson Hair Aid Drops and other products are known.

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