Skin pigmentation natural treatment

Hyperpigmentation is a condition when our skin develops uneven dark patches. This condition occurs mainly due to sunlight(UV ray) exposure, acne spot, hormonal changes like in pregnancy and some genetic factors. These dark patches are really affects our looks, phycology and creates stress.

As stated above if this hyper pigmentation has several reason and most of them are a kind of natural to we can treat most of them. In fairer people pigmentation is more problematic.

Now days there are many treatment available for hyperpigmentation like Diamond polishing, Beauty light oxygen therapy; Vitamin C serum oxyjetting and oxy clear face therapy.

For most of the hyperpigmentation there are different laser treatment is available now days like Medlite C6 and Cosjet TR are Q Switched Nd lasers which are effective to treat all types of hyperpigmentation. These laser treatments are less time consuming, pain less and requires only few sessions.

Apart from above treatment there are many natural ways to control hyperpigmentation which you can do at home. There remedies are 100 % natural and safe.

Here are some of natural remedies to treat hyperpigmentation:

  • First of all avoid shine if you are going outside then you should use a good quality sunscreen because UV rays can cause skin burn and hyperpigmentation.
  • A good quality skin also needs a healthy body and for that you should detoxify your body by drinking adequate quantity of water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices. You should also eat fresh vegetable and fruits.
  • You can also use vitamin C, A and E supplements which are good antioxidant.
  • Use some natural home facial scrub and face pack to remove dead skin from face and neck. You can also use papaya facial scrub and face pack. Cucumber face pack is also very good
  • You can use multani mitti(multani clay) face from for un even skin tone.
  • Aloe Vera gel is very effective if you apply this on dark patches. Make sure that you are using fresh aloe gel or a good quality aloe gel. This will stop in developing new spots.
  • Older dark patches are difficult to treat. For those you can consult one dermatologist and take laser or other therapy.
  • Most important thing is that you improve your daily routine like take proper healthy diet, do some workout and sleep properly 6-8 hours minimum.

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