Pyorrhea Home remedies

Bleeding from gums is known as pyorrhea. The main cause of pyorrhea is tooth cavity, Infection in the mouth, T.B., jaundice and other illness. It also cause bad breath, swelling in hand and legs. Due to pyorrhea many stomach problems can be developed so we need to treat this.

Here are some natural home remedies to treat pyorrhea:

  • Vitamins C deficiency is main reason for pyorrhea. So for treating pyorrhea you need to eat vitamin C rich foods. Green chili, red rose flower, green leaf vegetables and all citrus fruits are rich source of vitamin C and you should eat these foods along with your diet. Fresh green chili and red rose flower is greatest source of vitamin C. Eating daily vitamin C rich food will cure pyorrhea permanently.
  • Make ash of babool outer bark and filter it by clean cotton cloth. Now add salt and black pepper powder to it. Store it in some jar and massage this powder on gums with finger twice daily. This will cure all gum disease.
  • make ash of ritha seeds and add salt to it. Do brush with this powder daily twice. It will stop bleeding from gum.
  • Make kadha of menhadi leaves and do gargle with this. It is very effective treatment you should try this at least once.
  • Take 3 gm sonth daily with water for 10 days. It will do the magic.
  • Mix 1 spoon ginger juice and 1 pinch salt in a cup of water. Heat it to luke warm and do gargle with this, try to keep this in the mouth for some time. This is very effective treatment for gum bleeding.

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