Health: Home Remedies For Dandruff

Dandruff is very common hair problem of itching and flaking of the loose dry skin from scalp. Dandruff is one of the main reason for hair loss. There are many natural and home remedies for Dandruff.

Here are various reasons for dandruff in hair:

– Problem of dandruff rise during winter season due to dryness of air.

– Eating spicy food, fried food cause acid increases in body and make scalp dry.

– Gastric problems in body cause dry scalp.

– Constipation

– Illness

– Deficiencies of B-complex vitamins and essential fatty acids:

– Stress

– Harsh shampoo

– Chemical treatments

Natural remedy to control dandruff:

– Mix 100 gm coconut oil and 5 gm camphor and store it in a bottle. Massage hair twice daily.

– Take lemon juice and massage hair an hour before washing hair.

– Take 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds(methi daana) and soak in water at night. In morning make paste of it and massage hair and then wash off with mild shampoo.

– Soak small pieces of Ritha in water at night. Crush Ritha in the water or boil it and wash hair with it to keep it dandruff free.

– Take 10 gms neem leaves and make paste. Now mix this paste in 1/2 liter water and wash hair with it followed by washing with plain water.

– Heat Suhaga on fire till it converts into Calx and then grind it to make powder. Mix this powder with curd, coconut oil and neem leaves juice and massage hair and leave for half an hour then wash off with mild shampoo.

– Wash the hair thrice a week to prevent dandruff. Then massage the scalp with oil. This keeps scalp moist and prevents dandruff.

– Soak 100 gm multani mitti in water at night. Make a thick mix and apply on hair. Wash with lukewarm water after five minutes.

– Take healthy nutritious balanced diet, avoid junk foods and drink 8-10 glass water daily.

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