Hand care tips

Hands are part of our body which are required to do almost every work in day to day life. But generally we do not pay attention toward the hand care and result is rough, dry and peeling skin.

Here are some remedies that can be done at home to get smooth and soft hands.

Home remedies for soft & smooth hands:

  • Mix honey(1tbsp) and olive oil(1 tbsp). Massage with it and wash after 20 mins.Mix cucumber juice and glycerin in 1:1 ratio and massage hands with it. Wash after 10 mins.
  • Once in week massage hands with olive oil at night before going to bed.
  • Mix lemon juice and sugar(1 tbsp) and massage with it till all sugar dissolves. Then rinse with water.
  • Apply unboiled milk mixed with turmeric on hands. Wash off and apply moisturizer.

Tips for soft hands:

  • Moisturize your hand at night before sleeping. If skin is dry, rough and peeling you can apply Boroline cream or Vaseline and wear gloves.
  • Apply sunscreen of SPF 15 before going outside in sun.
  • After doing regular chores in the kitchen, dry your hands and then moisturize.
  • Take nutritious food and seasonal fruits.

Drink 8-10 glass of water. Generally in winter we do not drink adequate water that causes wrinkled and dehydrated skin. Also drinking less water gives skin darker complexions as toxins and wastes accumulates in the body.

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