11 Effective Tips for Preventing Bad Breath

Bad breath causes embarrassment and affects day to day life. It directly affects communication and person’s self-confidence. The common reasons for oral malodour are poor oral hygiene, inflammation around tooth, coated tongue and digestive problems.

The main reasons for bad breath are microorganisms in oral cavity. These bacteria are present on the tongue coating and tissues surrounding teeth.

Here are few tips that helps to manage this bad breath effectively

  • Clean Tongue coating
    Daily scrap your tongue with tongue cleaner to remove bacterial colony responsible for bad breath.
  • Take care of dental problem
    If you are suffering from dental plaque, cavities, or have unclean acrylic dentures than first address these problems.
  • Keep hydrated
    Drink adequate amount of water throughout the day.
  • Massage with lemon peel
    Take lemon peel, sprinkle some salt on it and gently massage teeth and gums.
  • Use mouthwash
    Prepare neem mouthwash, by boiling handful of leaves in water. Rinse mouth with this water. You may also Rinse mouth frequently with saline water to dilute oral bacteria.
  • Add Vitamin C in diet
    Add vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. This will improve body immunity and keep bad breath away.
  • Have good oral hygiene
    Maintain good oral hygiene. Rinse your mouth after every meal and clean your tongue. This helps to wash away food particles responsible for bacterial growth and bad breath.
  • Chew cardamom, clove or fennel seeds
    This helps to mask bad breath of your mouth.
  • Keep away from constipation
    Your bad breath can be related to your digestive problem. The reason can be bacterial overgrowth in small intestine. So first cure underlying cause. Have fibre rich diet, keep hydrated and if necessary take some herbal medicine for constipation cure.
  • Gargle with apple cider vinegar
    Dilute one tablespoon apple cider vinegar in glass of water and use this for gargling.
  • Brush with baking Soda
    Take a pinch baking soda, add some water and apply on toothbrush. Brush your teeth and gums with it.

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