Flaxseed Oil Uses Details

Flaxseed oil is an edible oil extracted from flax seeds using cold-pressed technique at temperature under 100F. There is no external heat or solvent used to extract oil from flax. This oil is very healthy and used in various foods and for medication purpose. Flaxseed contains vegetable oil which has 50-55% omega-3 fatty acid.

In India and all over world flaxseed oil is used in culinary and massage oils. It has been reference many places in Indian Ayurvedic medicine system.

Flaxseed oil is used in home-made salad dressing, drizzled on cooked vegetables, included in smoothies, and can be used in stir-frying at moderate temperatures. Flaxseed oil has a desirable ratio of several fatty acids as shown in the table below.

Fatty acid composition in % in Flaxseeds

Palmitic, ~ 4.6 – 6.3
Stearic ~ 3.3 – 6.1
Oleic ~ 19.3 – 29.4
Linoleic ~ 14.0 – 18.2
Linolenic ~ (Omega 3) 44.6 – 51.5

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