Health Benefits of Eating Figs

Figs are known as Anjeer in Hindi and Ficus carica in Latin. Fig plant is a large shrub native to southwest Asia and the Mediterranean region. These are one of the earliest fruits cultivated by humans.

fig health benefits

Figs are eaten fresh and as dry fruit. The dried figs are available throughout the year. For preparing dried figs, the fig fruit is allowed to be dehydrated. Dried figs are a good source of dietary fiber and potassium. Potassium is a mineral that helps to control blood pressure. Dried figs also contain calcium and a notable amount of manganese and copper. Figs are beneficial for the liver and spleen. It removes weakness and reduces cough.

Health benefits of Dried Figs

Dried figs are eaten as a dry fruit and offer numerous health benefits. These are a rich source of soluble fiber and helps in proper bowel. Various nutrients such as sugars, vital minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron are also present in them. Fig is well-known for treating constipation.


Figs are excellent for treating anemia. Soak 2 – 3 dried figs in a cup of water overnight. The next morning have them with milk.

Do this for one month.


Dried figs and raisins should be soaked overnight and taken the next morning along with the water in which they were soaked.


daily eat 2 to 4 dry figs in the morning and evening. This reduces phlegm.


2-3 dried figs should be soaked in water at night in a glass which should be covered by a

lid. The figs should then be taken the next morning, after discharging nature’s calls, followed by the water in which they were soaked. Take in the evening too. Do this for two to four weeks regularly, it cures bleeding piles.


Boil 5 figs in water. Filter it by heating and add honey. Drink twice a day, in mornings and evenings.


  • Boil 3 to 4 figs in milk and eat at night before sleeping and drink the milk.
  • Eat 2-3 dried figs.
  • Boil 5 to 6 pieces of figs in 250 ml water.
  • Soak 2 figs in the water at night and chew them in the morning and drink the water.
  • Eat Unani medicine Majun Injeer.


Boil 10 grams Munakka and 5 figs in one glass milk. Chew the munakka and figs and drink the milk.


Daily eat figs.


Eating 3-4 figs and chewing 10 grams black sesame seeds helps in excessive urine.


Soak 3-4 dry figs (anjeer) overnight in water after being cleaned thoroughly in warm water. They should then be taken the first thing in the morning along with the water in which they are soaked. This should also be taken in a similar manner in the evening. This should be continued for a period of three to four weeks.


Phlegmatic cases of cough, and asthma are cured by the use of figs.  Five figs should be boiled in a glass of water and should be taken in the morning and evening.


Dried fig should be eaten to improve strength in the body.


Boil the dried figs in the milk. Chew the figs and drink the milk, it increases strength and cures weakness.

How to Eat Dried Figs

Soak 2 to 4 dried figs in boiled milk at night. Next morning first chew the figs and then drink the milk.

Best Time to Eat Figs

Eat dried figs in the morning on empty stomach before your breakfast.

Side Effects of Figs

  • High intake of fig can be harmful to the liver and stomach.
  • Eating too many figs may cause loose stools or diarrhea.


In Indian climate, it is advisable to store dried figs in the refrigerator.

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