What are Types of Anemia

Anemia is a health condition in which blood have not enough RBC(haemoglobin) to carry oxygen to the body tissues. It can be caused by many factors. Here are some classification of anemia due to different reasons.

Anemia due to B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia is a low red blood cell count due to a lack of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is required to produce red blood cells.

Anemia due to folate deficiency

Folate-deficiency anemia is a decrease in red blood cells (anemia) due to a lack of folate. Folate is a type of B vitamin. It is also called folic acid. Folate is required to produces and grow cells and blood cells.

Anemia due to iron deficiency

Iron deficiency anemia occurs when your body does not have enough iron. Iron helps make red blood cells.

Anemia of chronic disease

Anemia of chronic disease is anemia that is found in people with certain long-term (chronic) medical conditions.

Hemolytic anemia

Hemolytic anemia occurs when the bone marrow is unable to replace the red blood cells that are being destroyed.

Idiopathic aplastic anemia

Aplastic anemia results from injury to the blood stem cells. These are immature cells in the bone marrow that give rise to all other blood cells types. The injury causes a decrease in the number of every type of blood cell. These cells are the red cells, white cells, and platelets.

Megaloblastic anemia

Megaloblastic anemia (or megaloblastic anemia) is an anemia (of macrocytic classification) that results from inhibition of DNA synthesis during red blood cell production.

Pernicious anemia

Pernicious anemia is a decrease in red blood cells that occurs when the intestines cannot properly absorb vitamin B12.

Sickle cell anemia

Sickle cell anemia is caused by an abnormal type of hemoglobin called hemoglobin S. Hemoglobin is a protein inside red blood cells that carries oxygen.


Thalassemia is a blood disorder passed down through families (inherited) in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. The disorder results in large numbers of red blood cells being destroyed, which leads to anemia.

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