Wax-EL Ear Drops for softening Wax

Wax-El is drops to remove wax from ear. This medicine is from Sapient Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., a global company based in New Delhi, India. It is for external use only. In this drop the base oil used is Turpentine oil which has analgesic and local anaesthetic action that helps to relieve pain due to excessive wax.
Ear drops are used to remove excessive wax from ear that causes pain and less hearing.

Formula of Wax-EL Ear Drops

  • Butylated Hydroxytoluene IP:     0.012% w/v
  • Butylated Hydroxyanisole IP:     0.012% w/v
  • Lidociane USP:     2% w/v
  • Chlorbutol IP:     5% w/v
  • Pardichlorobenzene:    2% w/v
  • Turpentine Oil BP in an oil base: 15% w/v
  • About the chemicals of drops:
  • Pardichlorobenzene: used to control moulds, a disinfectant
  • Lidocaine: used topically to relieve itching, burning and pain from inflammations.
  • Chlorobutanol: chemical preservative, sedative hypnotic and a weak local anaesthetic

Uses of Wax-EL Ear Drops

  • This ear drops is used to remove ear wax.
  • It softens the wax and helps in easy removal.

How to use Wax-EL Ear Drops

Put 5 drops in the ear canal and allow to remain for 5-10 minutes. Then clean the ear with the help of buds or as directed by a physician.

Caution for using Ear drops

Ear drops should not be used for perforated ear drum and inflammation, pain due to eczema, otitis.

Do not use for more than three days.

Check the ingredients and do not use the product if you are allergic, hypersensitive to them.

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