Stress can cause type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is condition in which enough insulin is not produced by pancreas. Insulin is responsible for utilising blood glucose in blood. Lack of insulin causes sugar to remain in blood and get excreted with urine.  There are various reasons for diabetes. But nowadays a major reason for developing Type 2 diabetes in adults is stress. Stress is causing havoc to our physical and mental health. The day to day tension, stress and anxiety is causing hormonal imbalance in our bodies. Various clinical studies are confirming the relationship of stress and diabetes.

During stress adrenaline and other hormones are released in blood. Adrenaline is a stress hormone that prepares our body to flight or fight. It does this by increasing metabolic rate, heart rate, blood cholesterol and level of blood sugar. The blood sugar level is increased due to breaking of liver stored glycogen, production of glucose from protein and reducing production of insulin. Adrenaline also reduces utilisation increased blood sugar by the cells. If a person lives a stressful life then repeated response keeps this blood sugar level high and results in development of diabetes.
The risk further increases with individual who are pre diabetic or genetically prone to developing diabetes.

Some tips to reduce stress

Although we cannot remove all the stress from our day to day life but can still try to adopt certain lifestyle changes that help us to cope with it effectively. Here are some suggested changes that can help in better stress management.
Keep positive attitude for life.  Do the activities which gives happiness to you and satisfaction.
Regularly do deep breathing exercise or Pranayam, yoga, meditation which not only gives plenty of oxygen to brain but also pacifies mind.
Regularly go for walk, indulge in hobby and have a support system of family and friends.
Take some professional help if you find it difficult to deal with stress.

Stress is part of life. There is no one in this world without tension, anxiety and stress. But the way with which everyone deals with it is different. Be a cheerful, happy person and take up challenges of life in a positive manner. Be optimistic and feel everything is going to be alright.

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