Sharbat Sadar Remedy for Cough

Sharbat Sadar is Unani polyherbal preparation indicated in the treatment of common cold, cough and respiratory diseases. For preparing, Sharbat Sadar all ingredients which are given below are taken and soaked in six litters of water for overnight to get an infusion. Next morning, this infusion is boiled till volume reduces to half. The prepared decoction/Kwath is rubbed and filtered. In filtrate citric acid, sugar and sodium benzoate are added to get the Sharbat. 

Key Ingredients of Sharbat Sadar

Bombyx mori 50 gm, Piyohnils ajowan 50 gm, Glycyrrhiza glabra 50 gm, semi-ground Linum usitatissimum 50 gm, Ficus carica 50 gm,  Foeniculurn vulgare 50 gm, Adhatocla vasica leaves 50 gm, Onosma bracteatum leaves 50 gm, Adiantum capillus-venerls 50 gm, Malva syivestris seeds 50 gm, Dried Hyssopus offloinalis 50 gm, Cordia latifolia 50 gm, Zizyphus sativa 50 gm,  Papaver sornffiferum 50 gm, Onosma bracteaturn flowers 50 gm, White sugar 2 kg,  Citric acid 12 gms, Sodium benzoate 6 gm

Uses of Sharbat Sadar

  • Anti-catarrhal (reduces excess mucous)
  • Anti-phlegmatic
  • Whooping Cough, dry Cough
  • Common cold, sore throat
  • Respiratory infections
  • Lung Infection

The Dosage of Sharbat Sadar

Take 25 ml with 125 ml of aqua Onosma bracteatum/ Ark Gaozaban or lukewarm water.

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  1. Nice cough syrup total herbal it’s good for all specially gastric ulcer patients

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