Health: Importance of Fiber in Diet

Fiber is very important part of our diet. It works like sponge to clean out body. Whole grain, Fruit & vegetable, pulses and beans are very rich source of fiber. Fiber is great source of energy and you will not feel hungry. That?s why doctors are suggesting high fiber diet for people who want to loose their body weight.

Actually fibers can not be digested by human body enzyme. That?s why it helps body to throw out all toxins and cholesterols. 30 gm fiber is required for 1 day.

Types of fiber:

Basically there are two types of fiber.

Insoluble fiber:

Foods made from whole grain, fresh fruits and vegetables, pulses, beans are great source of insoluble fiber. These fibers are helpful in digestion and they provides strength to body and keep constipation and acidity away.

Soluble fiber:

These fibers are dissolvable in water and very helpful in reducing cholesterol level. Husk of barley, wheat, bean are great source of this type fiber. This is also helpful in balancing blood glucose level.

Benefits of fiber:

– Regularize digestion

– Keep out unwanted thing from intestine

– Controlsreduces cholesterol level and helpful in heart disease.

– Help in reducing weight

Isolated Fiber Vs Dietary Fiber:

Now days most of the food processing companies are launching fiber rich food products. These products are curd, ice-cream, juice etc. In these product companies are adding isolated fiber. There are different isolated fiber you can see on packaging of these products. These fiber are known as isolated fiber.

Refined food products has less fiber so they are not good for health.

Natural fiber (dietary) are more healthful than isolated fiber.

Some vegetables and fruits have more fiber in skin so try to eat whole fruit and vegetables.

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