CalShine P oral solution

Calshine P is paediatric oral drops for Cholecalciferol or Vitamin D3 supplementation. It is manufactured by Eris Life science Pvt Ltd. In each ml of CalShine drops, there is 800 IU of Vitamin D3. The exact dosage is dependent on age of child and prescribed by a physician.

Vitamin d3 is essential vitamin required by everyone. In the case of kids the requirement is even more. In some cases the risk of deficiency is high. For example, if an infant or toddler remains indoor and not exposed to sufficient sunlight then there are chances that he or she may develop its deficiency which can affect the child in long term.

The risk is even more in breast-fed babies as mother’s milk does not provide this vitamin. Calshine P and such vitamin supplementation from other brands are prescribed to prevent and cure vitamin D3 deficiency.

The Dosage of vitamin D3 supplements

Infants for the treatment of Vitamin D deficiency:
1000 IU per day for three months
Maintenance dose or for prevention of Vitamin D deficiency in babies at high risk:
400 IU per day until 12 months old

The dosage of CalShine P for treating vitamin D3 deficiency is 1.25 ml /day for three months and for its maintenance is 0.5 ml/ day for 1 year. 

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