Zincovit Oral Drops

Zincovit Oral Drops is dietary supplement for paediatric use. It is prescribed by paediatrician for vitamin supplementation.

This supplement is not essential for a normal, full term baby. A healthy baby does not require any tonic or supplement. The baby, who is exclusively breastfed for six months gets all multivitamins and minerals from mother’s milk only. Thereafter complementary feeding fulfils the need.

In case baby is premature/ underweight or suffering from any illness that can cause deficiency then paediatrician prescribes such supplements.  

If you are separately giving some supplement of iron, calcium, vitamin D3 or vitamin E to baby then before giving this supplement, make sure not to overdose the vitamins.

Note: The overdose of vitamins causes toxic and harmful effects.

Zincovit Oral Drops contains vitamin A 1000 IU, vitamin D3 200 IU,  vitamin C 40 mg,  vitamin B3 8 mg, zinc 3 mg,  vitamin E 2.5 IU, vitamin B1 0.8 mg , vitamin B2 0.6 mg, vitamin B6 0.5 mg,  Lysine hydrochloride 10 mg , nicotinamide 8 mg,  D-panthenol 1 mg, Biotin 20 mcg, carbohydrates 0.595 g, fat 0.003 g, choline 25 mcg, polyunsaturated fatty acids 1.98 mg,  monounsaturated fatty acid 0.6 mg,  saturated fatty acids 0.28 mg and flaxseed oil 3 mg.


For infants below 12 months the dose is 0.5 ml and for above 12 months the dose is 1 ml. You can mix this in water, milk, formula-milk or fruit juice.

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