Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very well known fruits that are cooked as vegetable. They can be eaten raw as salad or cooked. They taste excellent and are of full of nutrition. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes are major dietary source of carotenoid lycopene.

tomato health benefits

The red colour of tomatoes is due to presence of red pigment lycopene which is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. Lycopene improves the skin’s ability to protect against harmful UV rays. According to a German study, lycopene is twice as powerful as beta-carotene thus checking the growth of cancer cells. The bioavailability of lycopene increases after cooking. Scientific studies confirm eating tomatoes lowers risk of certain cancers, ultraviolet light-induced skin damage, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and development of other chronic diseases.

Tomatoes are known as Tamatar in Hindi. Their Ayurvedic action on body is to increases vata, pitta and kapha. They nourishes all body tissues (except reproductive system). Ayurveda contraindicates tomatoes in acidity, sciatica, kidney and gall stones, and arthritis, vata and pitta dosha.

Tomatoes are good for digestive system, stimulation of bile flow, purification of blood and evacuation of bowels (raw tomatoes). Their use is recommended in diabetes.

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are good for whole body. Eating fresh tomatoes increases haemoglobin level. They are good source of vitamin A, C and E. Vitamin A is required by our eyes for good vision. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that improves body immunity to fight recurrent infections. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that is good for skin.

Tomato juice is very beneficial in diabetes. The juice added with juice of karela and cucumber is effective in management of diabetes. This juice should be drink empty stomach every morning.

Tomatoes are good for heart. They reduce cholesterol levels and helpful in lowering blood pressure. Tomato juice in combination of Arjun bark is an effective home remedy for heart palpitation. When heart beat exceeds from 72 to 150, one spoon arjun bark powder in one glass tomato juice. Regular drinking of this juice normalises heart beats.

For glowing skin drinking tomato juice mixed with carrot and beetroot juice is helpful.

In heart burn, one glass of tomato juice added with one lemon juice is beneficial.

Tomatoes removes toxins from body. This detoxifying properties is perhaps due to presence of chlorine and sulphur. According to some studies, 51 mg of chlorine and 11 mg of sulfur in 100 grams of tomato have a vital role in detoxification process.

Tomatoes are very nutritious. They are rich in flavonoids and phenolic acids, phytoalexins, protease inhibitors, glycoalkaloids and carotenoids, especially lycopene and b-carotene.

Tomatoes are powerful antioxidant due to presence of three high-powered antioxidants viz. beta-carotene, vitamin E, and vitamin C.

Tomatoes help maintain strong bones.

Tomatoes makes bone strong due to presence of calcium and Vitamin K.

Who should not eat Tomatoes?

Tomatoes contain Oxalic acids (5.3 mg/ 100 g). Oxalic acids are organic crystals which bind with calcium and other minerals to form stone in the urinary tract. Therefore it is better to be avoided by people with risk of stone development.

Tomatoes are acidic in nature therefor they should be consumed moderately. Avoid using tomatoes in ulcers and gastro duodenal diseases.

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