Best Soy Protein Supplements

Vegetable soy protein supplement uses, side effects precautions and detail of some good brands of soy protein.

Soy proteins are made from soy beans and it mainly available in three form like soy protein concentrates, soy protein isolates and soy flour. Soy Protein isolate is a purified form of soy protein with 90% of natural vegetable protein. It is mainly used for making soy protein supplement by food or pharmaceutical industries.

Health Benefits of soy protein

Good source of amino acid for athletes and body builders

Soy protein isolate is a good source of amino acids like glutamine and arginine that work as natural signals for growth hormone release and in building muscles. Arginine regulates the blood flow and supplies your muscles with necessary amino acids. Soy protein also contains BCAAs like leucine that provides energy to the muscles and stimulates muscle protein synthesis.

Soy protein is good for cardiovascular health, boosts immunity, provides healthy cholesterol levels and bone strength.

Soybeans contain isoflavones that are known to ease menopausal symptoms, like hot flashes. Even more profound is the ability of soy to reduce your risk of osteoporosis, a consequence of reduced bone density.
Soy protein is a good source of calcium and vitamin K, which are essential for bone mineralization.

Side effects of soy protein

Soy protein is safe and has no reported side effects is consumes in prescribed quantity. It is always recommended that consult a doctor or dietician before using any supplements.

How to use soy protein?

Make shake by adding 40 gm into cold water or milk and drink 2 times daily or as prescribed by you doctor.

Some good brands of soy protein supplements

  • Tara Nutricare Veg Protein
    Flavor Vanilla
    33.3g of protein in just one serving of 40g
  • Universal Nutrition Advance Soy Protein
    Flavor creamy chocolate
  • ON 100% Soy Protein
    Flavor Dutch Chocolate, Strawberry Smoothie
    25g of soy protein isolates per scoop of 31.5g
  • MuscleTech Six Star Elite Series Soya Protein
    Flavor Vanilla
    20g protein in one serving of 45g

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