12 Amazing Benefits of Spinach Juice

Know health benefits of spinach juice. It is great source of vitamins, minerals. It eliminates body toxins, good for stomach and more. But in some health condition it should not be consumed.

Spinach is green leafy vegetable known to everyone around the world. It is member of Goosefoot or chenopodiaceae family. In Hindi, it is known as Palak. Spinach is mainly consumed after cooking. But cooking destroys many important nutrients. Even steaming robs the water soluble nutrients.

spinach juice health benefits

To get most of this vegetable, it should be consumed raw. For this purpose, spinach can be added to salad. Another way to consume it raw, is by grinding in the blender after adding some water.Thus produced spinach juice is very good for health.

  1. It has the goodness of raw spinach. It is rich in vitamin C, A and E. Along with that it contains minerals and some other organic compounds.
  2. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Cooking process reduces the nutritional value of spinach considerably. But in juice form the nutrients are well preserved.
  3. It is good for the eyesight. Due to its richness in vitamin A content, it helps in night blindness and other vision problems.
  4. It detoxifies the body. It eliminates body toxins which are responsible for many diseases.
  5. It is excellent for oral health. When taken in combination of carrot juice, it helps to cure bleeding gums.
  6. It has diuretic properties. Diuretic agent causes more urine production thus helps in toxin removal. This also helps body to get rid of excessive accumulated fluid.
  7. Fresh juice helps to repair whole intestinal tract.
  8. Juice is good for the digestive tract health. It causes body to eliminate accumulated waste products from the body. It gives strength to intestine and tones up its movement.
  9. Spinach juice can cure most stubborn constipation. Its consumption for a few weeks helps to normalise bowel.
  10. Spinach juice is rich in iron and folic acid. It contributes to formation of blood and cures anemia.
  11. It is beneficial for the whole body. It is good for oral health, digestive system, intestine, bowel, skin, and hair.
  12. A glass of spinach juice can be taken regularly. It can be mixed with some other vegetable juices as well.

Please note, if you have history of the liver diseases, kidney stones, arthritis and you are prescribed for low oxalic acid diet, than do not consume spinach juice. Spinach contains oxalic acid that can aggravate problem of stones. Oxalic acid also interferes with absorption of calcium.

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